Sunday, August 9, 2015

Sign the directive to stand up to the rainbow mafia

From Public Advocate:

82 percent!

That's the overwhelming majority of Americans who support Religious Liberty.

When asked if Christian business owners have the right to refuse participating in a homosexual "wedding," 82 percent of Americans stood for Religious Liberty and said yes.

This is the second study proving the majority of Americans support Religious Liberty.

Yet even with 82 percent of Americans opposed to their agenda, the radical Homosexual Lobby is relentlessly destroying Religious Liberty.

In fact, one Religious Liberty expert warned "Defenders of Religious Liberty need to be very, very nervous."

You see, I've warned you about billionaire homosexual activist Tim Gill and his wealthy network of donors seeking to destroy Religious Liberty in the past.

New reports are revealing how well-funded and organized Gill's efforts to destroy Religious Liberty are.

Dozens of homosexual think-tanks, PACs and organizations are working cohesively to force faith-based organizations to accept homosexual "marriage."

And Tim Gill is spearheading this anti-Family network.

In 2003, Gill created a network of anti-Family donors and established radical groups in Colorado.

Gill changed Colorado forever.

Within a few short years, Gill defeated pro-Family politicians and turned Colorado into the Homosexual Lobby's blueprint for the nation.

Each year, Gill and his network passed law after law implementing the radical Homosexual Agenda.

And with the Supreme Court ushering in homosexual "marriage," Gill and his fellow radicals now have their sights set on destroying Religious Liberty in every state across the nation.

We've already seen their work.

Their tactics include bullying pro-Family Americans, defeating pro-Family politicians, and threatening anyone who opposes them with expensive lawsuits – including your Public Advocate.

And in a recent interview, Gill proclaimed that homosexual special "rights" are his top priority.

I was the first to warn about billionaire homosexual activist Tim Gill's plan to destroy Religious Liberty.

You see, Gill recently tried to pass a version of the Gay Bill of Special Rights in Michigan.

In fact, his radical agenda crashed into a brick wall when I mobilized pro-Family Americans to join Public Advocate's opposition to Gill's Gay Bill of Special Rights in Michigan.

I'm confident that we can repeat our proven grassroots strategy to protect Religious Liberty against Gill and his allies.

But now Tim Gill is fresh off a Supreme Court victory for homosexual "marriage" and is focusing solely on destroying Religious Liberty in America!

And unless Public Advocate recruits thousands of pro-Family Americans, Tim Gill and his allies will enforce their entire homosexual agenda – ending Religious Liberty as we know it.

Gill is frustrated that the overwhelming majority of Americans believe Religious Liberty must be protected.

But unless they're identified and mobilized, politicians everywhere will cave and give into the demands of Gill and the radical Homosexual Lobby.

That's why after you sign your Protect Religious Liberty Directive, I hope I can count on you help Public Advocate mobilize pro-Family Americans by chipping in $10 or $25 today.

For the Family,

President, Public Advocate of the U.S.

P.S. Radical homosexual activist and billionaire Tim Gill is pumping millions of dollars into the radical Homosexual Lobby's efforts to destroy Religious Liberty, state-by-state.

But 82 percent of Americans believe in Religious Liberty.

To sign the directive

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