Saturday, August 1, 2015

Will the rainbow mafia assassinate Eugene Delguadio?

From Public Advocate:

I am once again under attack in my own community for my role as the President of Public Advocate of the US.

Virginia's Attorney General, Mark Herring, is targeting me personally in an attempt to drive me from local office -- all because I oppose the Homosexual Agenda.

He is relying on the Southern Poverty Law Center's wrongful labeling of Public Advocate as a "hate group" to justify his attacks.

But the SPLC labels anyone it disagrees with as a "hate group" -- Pro-Family, Pro-Marriage, Pro-Bible -- they are all "evil" in the eyes of the SPLC.

The truth of the SPLC is a closely-held liberal secret.

They are the "Hit Squad" for the entire Liberal Agenda.

Using vicious propaganda and millions in off-shore funds, the SPLC goes after whichever issue the Left singles out.

And for years now, their focus has been solely on advancing the radical Homosexual Agenda.

The SPLC has tried to silence Public Advocate's mail and email programs.

They've tried to break Public Advocate financially with an anti-Free Speech lawsuit.

They even set a gunman in motion to assassinate me and my entire staff!

Yes that's right.

The FBI has conclusively linked the SPLC and their online propaganda as both the inspiration and guidance for radical homosexual gunman Floyd Lee Corkins.

And this is the group that AG Mark Herring is relying on to "evaluate" myself and your Public Advocate.

It's outrageous and dangerous.

Herring's endorsement of the SPLC and their campaign against Public Advocate opens the door to other radical homosexual activists to emulate the assassination attempt of Floyd Corkins.

[Do not fear, my staff and I take these threats very seriously and exercise strict security protocols at all times.]

As the head of Virginia law enforcement, Herring's first priority should be discouraging crime.

But it's no surprise that he's going out of his way to target me and the pro-Family Movement.

Since his first day in office, Herring has worked to advance the radical Homosexual Agenda in our state.

He filed a suit AGAINST Virginia's Real Marriage Amendment -- a violation of his oath of office.

And he reversed established policies by introducing the Homosexual Agenda to Virginia schools.

He is deep in the pockets of the Homosexual Lobby and he will do and say anything to advance their insidious agenda.

But no matter how he, the Homosexual Lobby or the SPLC threaten me -- I will continue to fight.

And I hope you will continue to stand with me by supporting Public Advocate in all our struggles.

We cannot let the Homosexual Lobby frighten us into inaction.

For the Family,

President, Public Advocate of the United States

P.S. My own Attorney General is putting my life at risk by encouraging the very group responsible for the last assassintion attempt on me and my staff.

AG Mark Herring wants my demise and he's alerting radical activists statewide to take action against me.

But I refuse to be intimidated into silence -- and I know you won't either!

Please show Herring and the Homosexual Lobby that you won't be silent by chipping in $10 or $25 right away to fund your Public Advocate.

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