Thursday, July 30, 2015

5 reasons Hillary can be beat in the 2016 election

From Stop Hillary PAC:

Hillary is in trouble.

The American people are finally waking up.

Beating Hillary Clinton will not be easy -- but it can be done.

Top 5 reasons Hillary can be beat

With your support Stop Hillary PAC has been pounding away at Hillary for over a year -- spending almost 2 million dollars directly targeting Hillary to defeat her 2016 run for president.

And now it's finally paying off.

You and I both know there are hundreds of reasons why Hillary can be beat -- but here are the top:

Reason #5:

A majority of the American people now have a negative view of Hillary Clinton.

You need to look no further than the latest swing state polls in Ohio, Florida and Pennsylvania to see that a clear Majority of Americans now have a negative view of Hillary Clinton.

Thanks to Stop Hillary PAC -- and your continued support -- our non-stop digital media campaign has taken a huge toll on Hillary -- and the poll numbers now confirm it.

Reason #4:
Hillary is a liar and the American people know it.

Rarely does a front running, major party presidential candidate have such a huge public problem with telling the truth. According to poll after poll, the American people by a solid majority now believe Hillary Clinton cannot be trusted. And it's getting worse for her.

Thanks to Stop Hillary PAC's public information campaign, we have contacted over 10 million Americans with the truth about Hillary's lies. Your continued support for Stop Hillary is making a huge difference.

Reason #3:
Pending Federal Investigation into Hillary's illegal acts.

According to the New York Times, (not exactly a mainstream publication) no less than two federal agencies have referred Hillary's actions to the Department of Justice. In fact, Hillary's own Department of State has now turned against her and is referring her actions to the Justice Department. Hillary is in trouble.

Thanks to Stop Hillary PAC's Citizens Subpoena campaign, you have helped lay the groundwork that has activated and mobilized the American people. Even Hillary's Democratic supporters in Congress have recognized that Stop Hillary PAC is making a difference.

Reason #2:
Benghazi, Benghazi, Benghazi.

"What difference does it make?" A big difference! Four Americans died in the attacks on Benghazi. The American people are going to hold Hillary Clinton ultimately responsible. Hillary's excuses have turned to lies and the American people will hold her responsible.

Stop Hillary PAC is the only organization that continues to work pressure Congress AND the administration to hold Hillary accountable. With almost 1 million petitions delivered to Congress, Stop Hillary's efforts have made sure -- that even the many who would have forgotten the Benghazi tragedy -- we remember the need for justice.

Reason #1:
Congressman Trey Gowdy

Nobody is more focused on Hillary Clinton than Congressman Trey Gowdy and his House Committee on Benghazi. Time after time, Congressman Gowdy has outmaneuvered Hillary's attorneys, and he refuses to allow Hillary's lies and misdeeds to go away.

AND no other organization has provided more grassroots support, public backing, and raw political muscle to keep the pressure on Hillary.

If you are still committed to defeating Hillary -- will you make a sustaining contribution to ensure Stop Hillary PAC has the resources to continue to hammer Hillary Clinton every day until she is defeated?

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