Thursday, July 23, 2015

The age of black supremacy

"Black lives matter". If you say this you are perceived to be "cool","hip" and or "PC". But if you say "all lives matter" or say "white lives also matter" then you are a thoughtless bigot that should be placed in a re-education camp. How dare you compare other races,which are inferior,to the supreme black race. A few years ago a movie made by a couple Christians about the life and death of Jesus Christ depicted a devil that looked a lot like Barrack Obama. It caused such an uproar that the devil scene was later edited out of the movie. We wouldn't want to upset the first black president now would we. Never mind that past presidents have been criticized but we mustn't upset this one lest you are a bigot. Not just Americans but the entire world must bow down to the Obamas. A Scandinavian princess made an unflattering comment about Michelle Obama. Comparing her to an ape. This princess had to apologize. After all questioning a black person by a non-black person of inferior race. Can't have that.We see the black supremacist attitude in rap music,with certain rappers like Jay Z,that believe in black supremacy. He proved that by hosting a party for black people only. Now in Texas there is that black woman who died in police custody and the Obama administration is looking into it. Contrast that to the white woman in San Francisco who was shot by an illegal alien. Why did the White House side with the black woman over the white woman? Because this administration treats white people like they are a disease,they only care about blacks and illegal aliens. Since no illegal alien got hurt in the latter why bother. It seems that "black lives matter",too bad no one else's count.

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