Saturday, July 25, 2015

On Hillary and Iran

This is a sad time for America. The White House,FBI,NSA,IRS and State Department are controlled by the Democratic National Committee. The White House is politicalized,that is to be expected but the others are supposed to be neutral. These are the governmental organizations that Obama controls. The government bodies that he can't control,The House Of Representatives and The Senate,he does an end run around. Obama said he got the United Nations to ratify his bullshit deal with Iran. The United Nations?!! THE UNITED NATIONS !!! I fucking hate the United Nations. All the United Nations wants to do is take your dick or your gun away. Those are there only agendas they have: outlaw men and outlaw guns. Why the fuck would I want to help the UN? Congress is bullshit too,approving the Corker bill that severely handicaps their ability to add libertarian amendments to otherwise draconian bills so instead it's a up and down,approve all or none vote that the People don't want. The Iran deal is bullshit. Tell the Senate not to ratify this bullshit. The only ones celebrating this deal are the mullahs. Everyone else hates it. If you hate it too let your Senator know too. As far as Hillary is concerned,two inspector generals have submitted forms to Department Of Justice Criminal Investigations Department calling for them to investigate Hillary and her emails. Will the DOJ pick this up and run with it? Who knows. The only thing I can say is stay tuned.

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