Friday, July 17, 2015

Comcast is underhanded sneaky

Fight For The Future:

Two years ago, Congress shut down the entire federal government because they couldn’t agree on a funding bill. Now, Comcast is trying to sneak anti-Net Neutrality provisions into the must-pass budget bill, betting Congress won't risk shutting down the government over it.

Tell Congress: Don’t do Comcast’s dirty work — listen to the 4 million Americans who overwhelmingly spoke out in favor of Net Neutrality and leave the rules alone.

This is Comcast's sneakiest, most underhanded attack yet. They're hoping Net Neutrality supporters succumb to the pressure to pass any funding bill to avoid another shutdown, giving them an opening to sneak through a provision to kill Net Neutrality.

They've already buried three provisions hundreds of pages deep in the House bill, and any one of them would be enough to kill Net Neutrality. The Senate is poised to take up the issue sometime in the next two weeks, which means that now is the time to take action to protect Net Neutrality.

Tell Congress that you support Net Neutrality and that they need to leave the new rules alone.

It's ridiculous that Net Neutrality still has to be debated. The rules are simple protections that say four basic things:

•Cable Companies and their friends in government can't block you from visiting a website. So you can visit any site that you want.
•They can't slow down access to websites. So the sites you want to visit will come to you as quickly as the sites Comcast wishes you were visiting.
•They can't speed up or make certain websites load faster. This is absolutely critical, because if they could speed up certain sites, that functionally means slowing down other sites.
•They can’t get between you and any content, application, service, or anything else that you want to access online. That is explicitly one of the rules. Just in case the other rules don’t cover something.

And on top of that, there are absolutely no new taxes or fees anywhere in the rules. At all.

These rules are simple, powerful protections for the open Internet — and we have them because of millions of people like you taking action. Now, we need to speak out again to make sure Comcast and Congress can’t get in the way.

Tell Congress to let the FCC implement the new Net Neutrality rules.

Thanks for standing up for the open Internet,
Charlie and the FFTF team

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