Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Chris Christie blames Rand Paul for Chattanooga shooting

I see Chris Christie or should I say pissed pissy is throwing a hissy fit. He has the nerve to blame Senator Rand Paul for the Chattanooga shooting at the military recruitment center there. Pissy Christie had to nerve to say that since Senator Paul fought back against the NSA's illegal spy program that targeted innocent people that Paul is at fault for making America weaker. The data mining the NSA conducted did not work and it compromised American citizens Constitutional liberties. Data mining does not work or else we could have stopped the Boston bombers before they carried out their terrorist acts. If Christie believes data mining does work then he more than welcome to look at the facts before running his mouth. Paul enjoys the backing of the people and high approval numbers. Christie is a statist that has neither in his corner. In fact his numbers are quite dismal. When one makes these comparisons between the two candidates you can see whom the superior candidate is and it is not Chris Christie.

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