Thursday, July 23, 2015

Big Cable wants to shut down the government

From Fight For The Future:

Comcast and their friends in Congress are orchestrating an all-out sneak attack on Net Neutrality, abusing every point of process they can to gut the open Internet.

Right now, their focus is Congress’ budget process — the same process that caused the government shutdown two years ago. Already, they’ve passed 3 separate provisions in the House that would gut Net Neutrality, and just this morning they revealed a similar provision in the Senate.

This is Comcast playing chicken with Congress. They’re betting that supporters of Net Neutrality will blink first, choosing to pass provisions that gut Net Neutrality before risking another government shutdown.

So this week, we’re ramping up our campaign to protect Net Neutrality by launching an online media push that shames Comcast and their friends in Congress for trying to make the open Internet a partisan issue.

Comcast, Verizon, AT&T, and Time Warner all have hundreds of millions of dollars in DC lobbyists on their side. But we have the kind of people power that submitted 4 million comments to the FCC on Net Neutrality, and has rebuffed their attacks countless times before.

We've already proven that our grassroots movement can beat Comcast and their lobbyists. And we know that with the right mix of sheer people power and smart, creative campaigning we can beat them again.

People hate the idea that a company could have a say in what sites they can and can't visit — and that's exactly what Net Neutrality prevents.

It guarantees three basic things - that no company or government can 1. Block you from visiting a website. 2. Speed up or slow down individual websites 3. Get between you and any content, application, service, or anything else that you want to access online.

Together, we were able to pass these simple, powerful rules in the face of the millions upon millions of dollars that Comcast and their friends spent trying to stop us. But they’re not done attacking yet — and that means we can’t let up, either.

We’ve proven time and again that with smart campaigns, we can overcome anything the cable industry can throw at us. Right now, that means coming together to put an end to their attacks on Net Neutrality once and for all.

Click here to chip in $5 to help end the attacks on Net Neutrality.

Thanks for being part of the fight for an open Internet,
~ Charlie at Fight for the Future

It looks pretty official. Big Cable aka Comcast,Verizon,AT&T and Time Warner want to shut down the government. If you have cable tv and your getting tired of it and are already thinking of ceasing your business relationship with them and you want to support Net Neutrality perhaps now would be a good time to do so,this way you can send them a message not to be jerks about it.

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