Thursday, July 30, 2015

How conservative are you?

From Buck For Colorado:

How conservative are you?

Are you a bigger supporter of Liberty than members of Congress?

I hope so. And if you are I'm asking you to prove it by joining me in signing the Conservative Action Pledge – pledging your support for a MUCH more conservative Congress.

I'll admit – it was an honor to be recognized as the most conservative member of Congress by the Heritage Foundation.

You see, Heritage Action for America recently released their ratings on every member of Congress and I was the only member to receive 100% – a perfect score.

But more important than how conservative I am – I want to know how conservative you are. Are you more conservative than Congress?

Will you join me in signing the Conservative Action Pledge – pledging your support for a MUCH more conservative Congress??? I need to know that there are other God-fearing, Constitution-respecting, gun-owning, liberty-loving Americans who are more conservative than Congress. Will you sign?

Your pledge will help me stand strong when the Washington establishment is pushing to sell out our conservative values. And sell out our Constitution is what they do on a regular basis.

You see, because I continue to fight against the Washington machine – I have put a huge target on my back.

And because my voting record has ranked me the most conservative member of Congress, the media elite, liberal Democrats and even some in my own party are targeting me for defeat. They would like nothing more than to defeat the most conservative member of Congress.

But as Ronald Reagan once said, and I'm paraphrasing... "I didn't come to Washington to swim with the alligators; I came to drain the swamp."

I didn't come to Washington to make friends. I came to fight for conservative principles and if doing the right thing makes few friends in Washington, D.C. – so be it.

But I do need the support of American conservatives like you.

That's why I'm asking you to sign my Conservative Action Pledge and show your support for a MUCH more conservative Congress. Will you stand for conservative values by clicking here today?

One more thing, after you sign, I hope you will make a small gift to support my campaign. I haven't made friends with the lobbyists and Super PACs that dominate politics today. I've spent my time fighting for you.

Will you chip in as much as $35 to help me fight the Washington establishment? Even $25 or $15 would be a huge help. Whatever you can afford will be faithfully used to advance the conservative values you and I hold dear.


Ken Buck

P.S. – I'm doing exactly what I ran for Congress to do – fight for conservative American values – stand up for the Constitution and fight the Washington establishment. Will you stand with me by signing your Conservative Action Pledge now? Thanks, Ken

Ken Buck is a good guy. Not only is he pro-liberty in Washington he was anti-feminist in Colorado. Ken Buck,when he was a prosecutor in Colorado refused to railroad an innocent man just because his girlfriend wanted to teach him a lesson by filing a false rape charge. It's good to see statesmen in Washington instead of the usual politicians.

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