Friday, July 10, 2015

Comcast goes nuclear

From Demand Progress:

Comcast has gone nuclear. Their friends in Congress are threatening to shut down the federal government unless Net Neutrality is stopped.

They've attached a provision blocking Net Neutrality to a must-pass spending bill that funds the federal government.1

Their strategy is simple: Faced with a possible government shutdown, Net Neutrality supporters will feel enormous pressure to give in.

But next week is our first big chance to stop this attack. Congress is voting on whether to remove the anti-Net Neutrality provision from the must-pass spending bill. It won't be easy, but if we win, Comcast is dead in the water.

Using the threat of a government shut down is Comcast's most desperate attempt to stop Net Neutrality yet.

We've already generated a massive public outcry, and with your help we can keep flooding Congress with phone calls and make sure that voters know which representatives vote against the free and open Internet.

This is the very first vote in Congress since the FCC's historic rule went into effect. The stakes are huge. And we're counting on you to stand with us.

Will you chip in $5 to help fund the grassroots organizing we need to win?

Yes, I'll donate $5 to help defend Net Neutrality.

Thanks for standing with us.

Sara, Daniel, Kurt, Mark, David, and the rest of the Demand Progress team.


Tell your Congressperson to support Net Neutrality.

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