Thursday, July 16, 2015

Should the National Right To Work Committee fight on or give up?

From The National Right To Work Committee:

Let me get right to the point.

Over the past 12 months, the union bosses' seemingly endless power grabs -- perpetrated with the help of Obama's radical National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) -- have been "taxing" the National Right to Work Foundation's resources like never before.

And that means you and I face some difficult decisions.

First, the good news: I'm increasingly encouraged that America's waking up to just how dangerous Big Labor's $20 billion (BILLION!) empire is . . .

. . . How they extort the precious wages of hard-working men and women as a condition of employment and corrupt our politics, strangle businesses, penalize taxpayers and mock our Constitution.

In 2012, Indiana and Michigan rejected forced unionism and became the 23rd and 24th Right to Work states.

And just a few months ago, Wisconsin followed suit and became America's 25th Right to Work state!

But as you and I know, Big Labor does not easily relinquish its forced-dues power, so union boss lawyers are attacking these reforms in the courts.

The good news is, your National Right to Work Foundation is going toe-to-toe with union boss lawyers, defending these laws from Big Labor's legal assaults.

But make no mistake: The Obama Administration's sweetheart deals for Big Labor, and the $1.7 billion political spending blitz by the union bosses in 2012, have exposed just how powerful Big Labor remains.

Powerful union officials and their government allies are fuming mad at the hard-fought battles opponents of forced unionism have won in recent years, and they're using every trick in the book not only to take back lost ground, but also to expand their forced-dues power.

That's why I must hear from you immediately. Please sign your Confidential Supporter Directive right away.

Fighting the Obama Administration's power grabs for Big Labor is taxing the National Right to Work Foundation's resources like never before.

And even in the face of their recent setbacks, forced-unionism advocates aren't throwing in the towel.

On the contrary, with BILLIONS of forced-dues dollars at stake, the union bosses are redoubling efforts to reclaim lost ground and expand their forced-unionism privileges.

And they have a powerful ally in the Obama-stacked NLRB, which just declared war on all state Right to Work laws.

A Foundation client and I were invited to testify at a Congressional hearing on this issue earlier this month.

That's why your Right to Work Foundation's work is so critical.

The fact is, taking on the out-of-control NLRB is just one of the fronts we're fighting on.

With nearly 200 active cases right now, here's just a glimpse of what Foundation attorneys are working on:

*** Five federal lawsuits designed to build on the reasoning the U.S. Supreme Court gave in our Harris and Knox precedents with the goal of ending other government-granted Big Labor forced-unionism schemes, including union bosses' power to extract forced dues from public employees.

*** Scores of cases attacking Big Labor's use of forced dues to fund its political machine -- vitally important now as union operatives are already gearing up to install another puppet politician in the White House and take back the U.S. Senate.

*** Challenges to the aggressive compulsory unionism policies pushed by Obama appointees in the executive branch, including the Department of Labor and the NLRB.

*** Critical cases defending and enforcing state Right to Work protections, especially in the newest Right to Work states: Indiana, Michigan and Wisconsin.

Here's the rub. Your Foundation continues to operate on a tight budget in 2015, and it's crucial we allocate our resources to cover all our bases.

Soon, I'll sit down with the five-member Executive Committee of the Board of Trustees to decide whether changes must be made in the Foundation's program budget.

But before I do, I'd like to have your guidance and help.

Can you spare just a few minutes of your time and fill out your Supporter Directive?

You see, right now choices must be made among certain priorities in our program. And I'm asking your advice before I act.

The fact is, I'd rather scale back in a few fights (even though we believe we could win!) than get stretched too thin.

Here's an in-depth view of some of the most important fights the Foundation is waging right now:

>>> Pushing forward with cutting-edge cases that directly challenge the constitutionality of forced union dues for all public employees.

In our most recent Supreme Court victories, the Justices indicated that they may be open to repealing all forced dues in the government sector, and Foundation staff attorneys are working on filing a brief in one such challenge right now.

>>> Attacking forced-dues-for-politics schemes and illegal diversion of union money into partisan politics.

After all, you and I know we can't just trust union bosses to voluntarily comply with Foundation-won precedents that protect employees from forced-dues-for-politics schemes.

>>> Defending workers from Big Labor's aggressive Top Down Forced-Unionism strategy.

Utilizing new Obama NLRB rules, Big Labor is expanding its aggressive organizing tactics to push more workers into forced-unionism ranks, including quick-snap elections and "Card Check."

>>> Bolstering our outreach program. The impact of our legal victories is limited if workers aren't informed.

Our informational campaigns ensure workers harmed by Organized Labor's forced-dues schemes know they have an ally in the fight to resist union boss subjugation.

I'm sure you can see why now would be a terrible time to throttle back our efforts.

But I need input from our supporters detailing where you want the Foundation to focus our efforts.

So please fill out your Confidential Supporter Directive right away.

The fact is, in the coming months, Big Labor will unleash their multi-billion dollar, forced-dues-funded political warchest to maintain their iron-fisted control of the White House, recapture the U.S. Senate and take over state legislatures and governors' mansions nationwide.

But your Foundation is hitting back hard -- fighting forced-dues-for-politics schemes in state courts and agencies, in federal courts and at the NLRB.

With the union bosses using their political clout to launch still more power grabs, it's vital that you and I not let up now.

I hope you understand what a profound threat opponents of forced unionism face.

Time after time, you have loyally stood with the Right to Work Foundation as we have fought pivotal battles.

After all you and I have achieved, it would be a devastating blow to have to pull back -- especially now when our achievements hold the promise of attracting new supporters to our cause.

In fact, national leaders including Steve Forbes and U.S. Senator Jim Risch (R-ID) are helping in a nationwide campaign to build new support for Right to Work. But identifying and recruiting new supporters takes resources, too.

So, along with your completed Supporter Directive, I hope I can count on your most generous tax-deductible contribution right away.

You see, with the spate of Right to Work victories, union officials are pressing harder and in more sophisticated ways to expand their forced-dues empire.

That's why it's vital the Right to Work Foundation keep up the fight on all fronts.

And why your completed Supporter Directive is so important.

At this moment, Foundation attorneys are representing tens of thousands of employees in nearly 200 active legal aid cases.

Each case is unique, and vital precedents are at stake. It is difficult to consider abandoning any of them.

But fighting all the battles I've described will cost an estimated $4,960,000 through the end of the year.

And, if the Foundation is not in a strong position, there's no doubt Big Labor will be all the more eager to launch new attacks on America's workers or on the Foundation itself.

The fact is, for many years, the National Right to Work Foundation has stood in the breach. And you've stood with us.

Now, I'm writing to you and all of the Foundation's best supporters because, according to my calculations, if you and our other most generous supporters gave a tax-deductible gift of $10 to the Foundation today, it would be enough to fully fund the rest of our 2015 program.

I realize that $10 is a lot to ask, but too much is at stake and your Committee needs your help.

Unfortunately, I know a few people won't or can't give at all right now, and I understand that.

They will count on others to carry their load. Some folks may set this letter aside (despite the urgency) and forget to send a contribution.

That's why, if you can, please consider making a $10 contribution today to fund our vital programs.

It could be that's more than you've given as a single gift before, but I hope you will seriously consider this request.

More than anything, your investment is a testament to just how critical the Foundation's ongoing projects are.

If I can count on generous donors like you to give such a contribution now, I could put aside any thoughts of scaling back our programs and focus on challenging Big Labor's forced-dues assaults.

You see, with your investment, the Foundation can maintain and hopefully even increase its aggressive attack on Big Labor's compulsory unionism schemes.

If, for some reason, you just can't send $10 today, please give at least $5 or whatever you can afford right away.

Whether you send $10 or $5 -- or if a lesser amount is the most you can do -- please fill out your Confidential Supporter Directive giving me your advice, and please be as generous as you are able.

Please, help today. Your support will make a real difference.


Mark Mix

P.S. Your National Right to Work Foundation stands in the breach, protecting the right of all Americans to be free from union boss tyranny.

Yet at this crucial moment, I fear the Foundation may not have the resources needed to fight all the threats you and I face.

So, your advice today is critical. Please submit your Confidential Supporter Directive at once, and please agree to your most generous tax-deductible contribution of $10 to fund our vital programs.

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