Friday, June 20, 2014

Force Harry Reid to schedule a vote on Audit The Fed

From Campaign For Liberty:

Even after almost six years of pumping U.S. dollars - created out of thin air - into the American economy, April’s jobs report showed that the American people are not benefiting from the recommendations of the so-called “experts.”

All the Fed’s quantitative easing was “supposed” to dig us out of the Great Recession long before now. . .

But another 800,000 Americans just dropped out of the labor force, leaving just over 60% of working-age adults with full-time employment - the lowest number since Jimmy Carter’s presidency.

So what’s the Fed’s solution?

More of the same. More “print-now, ask-questions-later” policies. More Federal Reserve-fueled dollar destruction. . .

More printing money to pay the bills - fueling our ever-growing $17.5 TRILLION in national debt, which threatens to wipe out every last shred of American wealth!

But the good news is - thanks to your support - Audit the Fed (H.R. 24) has reached 224 cosponsors in the U.S. House - a clear majority!

Now - with the November elections rapidly approaching - it’s absolutely critical you sign the petition to House Speaker John Boehner, Majority Leader Eric Cantor, and your U.S. Senators I'll link to in just a moment!

As you’ll see, these petitions:

1) INSIST Republican House Leadership STOP protecting Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and schedule an IMMEDIATE roll call vote on H.R. 24; and

2) URGE your U.S. Senators to stand with my son - Senator Rand Paul - in his efforts to force the U.S. Senate on record on Audit the Fed.

Won’t you please sign your petition IMMEDIATELY?

Politicians always listen better when they’re running for office. So NOW is the time to take action.

It’s an especially important time to make our voices heard because many establishment politicians have been shaken by Eric Cantor’s stunning primary defeat.

They know that if they continue to resist grassroots Americans, they run the risk of being “Cantor’d” themselves.

As Eric Cantor’s time in Congress comes to a close, he will continue as Majority Leader until July 31.

So he still needs to hear from you. Passing Audit the Fed would give him a chance to end his time in Leadership by doing what’s right for our nation’s economic future.

If you and I can FORCE Congress to Audit the Fed, the American people will finally see that the Federal Reserve System leads to:

***Constant economic crises. The housing crisis and the resulting chaos is just one example of an economic bubble created by centrally planned interest rates and money manipulation;

***The destruction of the middle class. As fuel, food, housing, medical care, and education costs soar, everyone who is NOT on the government dole is forced to make do with less as the value of their money sinks;

***Currency destruction. History shows us that riots, violence, and full-scale police states can result when people finally realize their money isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on and REFUSE to accept it.

Thanks to the hard work of good folks like you, Audit the Fed passed the House by an incredible bipartisan three-fourths majority in 2012.

Since then, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has been our chief roadblock.

My son, Senator Rand Paul, has been doing everything possible to force the Senate on record on Audit the Fed - even holding up several of President Obama’s nominees to put pressure on Harry Reid to agree to a vote.

But there’s no doubt Senator Reid would begin to feel even MORE pressure to act once Audit the Fed passes the House in this Congress!

So now that a majority of the U.S. House has cosponsored H.R. 24, it’s time for House Republican Leadership to stop protecting Senator Reid and schedule an IMMEDIATE vote!

Once the bill passes the House, will Senator Reid and President Obama really be able to say “NO” to exposing the out-of-control Fed?

Well, 2014 is an election year. And Audit the Fed is supported by nearly 75% of the American people.

“Thanks” to ObamaCare, NSA spying, and a host of other issues, the political winds are already blowing against President Obama and Senator Reid.

If they want to add Audit the Fed to the mix, it’ll be their political funeral in 2014.

The American people are FED UP with Big Government politicians trying to run their lives. And more and more now understand Federal Reserve banksters aren’t running our economy anywhere but into the ground.

That’s why it’s so important you sign your petition to House Speaker John Boehner, Majority Leader Eric Cantor, and your U.S. Senators IMMEDIATELY.

With your help, Campaign for Liberty can fully implement a massive three-part plan to turn up the heat on Congress, including:

1) Using mail and email to contact millions of Americans from coast to coast to generate petitions just like these to Congress;

2) Working the talk radio lines and conducting interviews insisting that House Speaker John Boehner and Majority Leader Eric Cantor stop protecting Harry Reid;

3) Launching an all-out Internet, email, and TV mobilization campaign to explain to the American people exactly why the Federal Reserve MUST be exposed.

So won’t you please sign your petition at once?

And, if you can, please agree to your most generous contribution, as well.

As it stands right now, Campaign for Liberty doesn’t have the money in the bank to fund everything that needs to be done.

And I know without funds, all our best-laid plans are nothing but words on paper.

So I’m counting on you to help me turn up the pressure on Congress. Won’t you please agree to a generous contribution of $30?

I know I’m asking you to stretch.

But I also know you understand just how important it is we finally Audit the Fed and EXPOSE the Fed’s track record of economic DESTRUCTION.

But if $30 is just too much, please give what you can.

Perhaps you can give $20 or $10?

Regardless of what you can give, just please act right away.

It’s time to turn up the HEAT on Congress like never before.

So please act at once!

For Liberty,

Ron Paul

P.S. Now that a majority of the U.S. House has cosponsored H.R. 24, the Audit the Fed bill, it’s time for House Speaker John Boehner and Majority Leader Eric Cantor to stop protecting Harry Reid and schedule a vote!

There’s no doubt that once this bill passes the House, it will turn up even more pressure on the U.S. Senate to act.

That’s why it’s critical you sign your petitions, and if at all possible, make your most generous contribution of $30, $20, or at least $10 TODAY!

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