Thursday, June 19, 2014

Preserve your freedoms

From Rand2016:

Our national media, Washington, D.C. insiders and even my colleagues in Congress are already sniffing around . . .

They know Monday, June 30 is the next End of Quarter Fundraising Deadline. Immediately following, I must turn in my financial report for the last quarter.

With the November elections rapidly approaching, and several fights still raging before Congress, all eyes are on you and me.

The media and Washington, D.C. insiders know a big fundraising quarter for me would send a loud-and-clear message to President Obama and Big Government politicians in BOTH parties that the American people are insisting on a return to limited government and constitutional principles!

I can’t think of any more important message this election year.

But in order to send a message the D.C. establishment can't ignore, it's critical my End of Quarter Push raise $200,000 by June 30.

So won’t you please contribute as generously as you can today?

I know it’s hard to look at Washington, D.C. and be optimistic about anything when we’re constantly barraged with news about:

***Our federal government’s $17.5 TRILLION in national debt. In real terms, that’s over $220,000 for a family of four!

***The disastrous ObamaCare Law, which CBO reports say will cost $2.6 TRILLION we don’t have, 2.5 million jobs we need and still leave 30 million Americans uninsured!

***Government spying on American citizens, which has exposed a constant string of NSA abuses and outright disregard for our Constitution’s Fourth Amendment.

And I haven’t even mentioned new schemes still being considered before Congress!

The National Internet Sales Tax, which would dramatically hike taxes on many mom and pop small businesses, could still rear its ugly head before the 2014 elections.

News reports and Washington, D.C. whispers say immigration reform efforts – that still do virtually nothing to ensure proper border security – could also come up.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve had enough of Washington, D.C. politicians trying to “solve” our problems for us.

Just recently, the Obama administration issued new regulations, “tweaking” their healthcare scheme to allow them to bail out insurance companies who lose money with BILLIONS of taxpayer dollars!

At the same time, news broke that the same administration that thinks it can run healthcare for ALL Americans was using secret lists to hide the fact that military veterans are forced to wait excruciating periods of time just to get medical care!

In fact, at least 40 American veterans died awaiting medical care at the Veterans Administration!

This is an OUTRAGE!

And now – in addition to spying on our phone calls and emails and assaulting our gun rights – the Department of Agriculture is launching a proposal to purchase its own submachine guns!

For what?

I won’t stand for this madness and I’m determined to fight.

That’s why this next End of Quarter Fundraising Deadline is so critical.

At a time when both Congress and the President have approval ratings in the basement, if I can show massive and growing support, it will help prove the American people are fed up with Big Government schemes.

I can’t think of anything more important this election year.

Whether it’s ObamaCare, gun control, government spying or our national debt, so much is at stake this November . . .

Will the next U.S. Congress be controlled by those who will kowtow to President Obama’s every wish?

Or will it be those who only throw up tacit opposition?

Or will it be controlled by those who think ObamaCare MUST be repealed and our remaining freedoms as American citizens are worth fighting for?

Your action today will help decide all of that.

Money talks in Washington, D.C.

Not just for the national media. Not just for Washington, D.C. insiders.

But also for those running for office.

A big fundraising quarter for me will also help show those candidates running for office that staying true to their word to stand up and fight for constitutional conservative principles as I’ve done is a sure way to get rewarded by grassroots patriots all over the country.

After all, I’m just one man. One U.S. Senator from Kentucky. At the end of the day, it’s really the millions of grassroots patriots like you who hold the power to turn our country around.

And despite all the madness we see in Washington, D.C., your action is making a difference.

Today, most political experts are predicting a BIG election for Republicans this November.

I hope they’re right.

But it won’t happen unless we fight back.

It’s going to take the hard work of every American to break the “consensus” in Washington, D.C.

The “consensus” that ObamaCare can never be repealed, that spending can only go up, never down, that Big Government governs best . . .

I’m not sure I’ve ever seen Washington, D.C. more out of touch!

And because of that, I believe many of my colleagues are in for a rude awakening this November.

The good news is, you’ve proven you can make an enormous difference here in Washington, D.C.

For years now, you and I have fought to expose the madness coming from the Obama administration. Now polls seem to show the American people are coming to realize that you and I were right.

But our job is not over.

I need to show you’re still in my corner. The politicians in Washington, D.C. need to hear how fed up you are with their Big Government schemes. And with fights still raging in Congress, I believe we need to send that message well before November 2014.

So please chip in a contribution of $10 or $20.

That’s why your support today is so critical.

Please agree to chip in a contribution of $10 or $20 at once!

In Liberty,

Senator Rand Paul

P.S. June 30 is rapidly approaching. This is the End of Quarter Fundraising Deadline. Immediately following, I must turn in my financial report for the last quarter.

And I can promise you, all eyes will be on you and me during that critical time.

Your action, standing with me over the past several months, has made an enormous impact in Washington, D.C.

But politicians in Washington, D.C. have short memories. That’s why I need you to prove to them you’re still in my corner.

So please agree to help me raise $200,000 by June 30 by chipping in a contribution of $10 or $20 TODAY!

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