Thursday, October 20, 2016

Help support marijuana legalization in California

From Californians for Responsible Marijuana Reform:

The latest public poll by Survey USA has put support for Prop. 64 at only 51% with 9% undecided.

Help us fight to keep our lead in these last three weeks by donating.

We've been saying for a while, we can't let our guard down.  As races often do in California, this one is becoming extremely close in the last weeks. 

They're spending millions against us and it's showing. We need to come together and fight back.

Do not let Prop 64 fail. Please contribute (or contribute again) to help support our outreach efforts in these final weeks.

California is just one state that has marijuana measures on the ballot. There are Several that are for legalizing marijuana for medical or recreational use. Who are these prohibitions? Well,we have Patrick J. Kennedy who gets drunk and crashes his car into a barricade in Washington DC. Not only is Patrick J. Kennedy not arrested they don't even give him a breathalyzer. What did they give him? A ride home. He has also bragged that he has never worked hard in his life and is proud of it. I'm sure he views working people as peons. Prohibitionists are also lawbreakers themselves.

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