Thursday, October 27, 2016

Marijuana prohibitionists turn up the heat

Californians for Responsible Marijuana Reform:

Adelson, Schauer, Sabet...
Help us counter these big donors with your own contribution. Any amount helps.
These three are fiercely fighting against marijuana legalization and have personally given millions or have worked to raise millions against our efforts across the country.
Sheldon Adelson is the 12th richest person in America, Julie Schauer is a Pennsylvanian millionaire, and Kevin Sabet is the cofounder of the biggest anti-marijuana organization in the country. They are standing between us and victory on November 8th..
In 2010, legalization efforts failed in California because big opposition donors funded a flurry of negative and false advertisements right before the election. This year you can be sure they are mobilizing to do the same. We have to be prepared.
Do not let Prop 64 fail. Please contribute (or contribute again) to help support our outreach efforts in these final weeks.

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