Thursday, October 13, 2016

Prohibitionists spread lies about Prop. 64

From Californians for Responsible Marijuana Reform:

"You just have to put a little bit of doubt in people's minds, and they are movable."

That is what Kevin Sabet, one of the fiercest opponents of marijuana legalization in California and the country, said recently about his strategy to try and stop Prop 64 from passing this November.

Please help us counter their false advertisements by donating. Any amount you can send is tremendously beneficial to our campaign efforts.

If just 500 of our donors contribute $10 apiece, we will have enough for some major publicity or outreach. We hope you can help out.

So far, opposition groups led by Sabet have already succeeded in raising millions of dollars against us by spreading a variety of false claims about Prop 64 in order to scare voters. These claims that Prop 64 would allow companies to market cannabis to children or that the industry is trying to hook kids on pot lollipops and weed candy are downright lies and are tactics that should be beneath any campaign.

We must get the word out to stop the misinformation against us. Kevin Sabat and his millionaire friends will not cease until they torpedo all chances for marijuana reform.
Click here to give in support of Prop 64. We need to reach as many people as possible in the next few weeks before it is too late!
Thank you for your support.

First of all if you are a California resident here is the truth about Prop. 64 and children. Who are these prohibitionists you may ask? I'll be more than happy to answer your question. Here are great examples of prohibitionists. Whom they truly are.

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