Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Loretta Lynch nomination coming up for a vote real soon

From Campaign For Liberty:

Loretta Lynch's nomination was just added to the Senate schedule for this week.

And according to Capitol Hill insiders who've seen the "official" whip count - Loretta Lynch's confirmation vote is expected to be one of the "closest Senate confirmation votes in recent history."

Already, C4L has faxed in over 135,000 petitions to the Senate.

Your voice is getting through and the pressure is working.

But if there's ever been a time to double down - it's NOW!

So please sign your emergency "Vote NO! on Lynch" Action Fax immediately if you haven't yet done so.

As we've called her, the "Queen" of civil asset theft, Loretta Lynch spent her time as U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of New York seizing nearly a BILLION dollars worth of private property under the guise of civil asset theft in 2013 alone...

She's also an unapologetic enforcer of gun restrictions and a staunch defender of unconstitutional NSA spying.

If confirmed as U.S. Attorney General there's no doubt in my mind Lynch will work to massively expand these programs virtually allowing an unrestrained Executive authority to run rampant.

But a critical vote on Lynch is expected as soon as Thursday.

That's why your action today is so vital!

Can I count on you to IMMEDIATELY sign your emergency "Vote NO! on Lynch" Action Fax?

Let me explain why Loretta Lynch as Attorney General would be so dangerous:

Referred to as "The General," the AG commands an army of 90,000 FBI agents, investigators, lawyers, pilots, clerks, even troops!

With over 4,000 federal criminal statutes to enforce, the Attorney General sets the tone for law enforcement throughout the country.

Now Loretta Lynch is just a few votes away from being appointed Attorney General - one of the most powerful positions in the country.

This is a dangerous time for opponents of civil asset theft, gun control, drone strikes, and unrestrained Executive authority . . .

That's why its critical you sign your emergency "Vote NO! on Lynch" Action Fax right away.

Your emergency Action Fax is a crucial component in applying enough pressure on targeted legislators, urging them to oppose Loretta Lynch's nomination.

But this mobilization program in the coming days won't be cheap, or easy.

That's why after you sign your "Vote NO! on Lynch" Action Fax, I ask you to consider chipping in with an immediate contribution of $10 or more.

Your immediate contribution will allow us to contact up to 600,000 folks and generate roughly 30,000 more petitions.

$10 will pay to contact up to 6,250 people. $20 reaches 12,500. And so on.

So please chip in whatever you can afford to help expand our program and defeat Loretta Lynch's nomination for Attorney General.

Please do not wait a critical vote could come tomorrow!

In Liberty,

John Tate

P.S. A CRITICAL vote on Loretta Lynch's nomination as Attorney General could happen in the Senate as soon as Thursday.

Please sign your emergency "Vote NO! on Lynch" Action Fax to your U.S. Senators today!

Then, please consider immediately chipping in $10 to help Campaign for Liberty reach out to more Americans about defeating Loretta Lynch's nomination.

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