Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Support Trey Gowdy in holding Hillary accountable

From Stop Hillary PAC:

Trey Gowdy is coming under fire for forcing Hillary Clinton to testify...and now he's in danger.

We don't have a moment to lose.

As you know, Trey Gowdy has summoned Hillary Clinton to appear before the Select Committee on Benghazi for a fully transcribed, under oath interview, AND Hillary has refused!

And now, the full weight of the Clinton machine is out to crush Rep. Gowdy.

Let me explain: in an attempt to hide the truth, Hillary's offered a "limited," public appearance before the Select Committee where she can "appease" the media and avoid answering deep, hard-hitting questions in the name of "protecting national security" and claiming that she's already answered for her use of a personal email server.

But the truth is, Hillary will do ANYTHING to avoid tough questioning and face accountability for her actions.

South Carolina Republican Congressman Trey Gowdy has done an expert job leading the Congressional Select Committee on Benghazi, but as he faces his largest attack yet from Hillary Clinton, her campaign apparatus, and the left wing elite media -- he needs your immediate support.

That's why I'm leading the charge to support Trey Gowdy.

Friend, the truth can only be found through a transcribed interview to secure the public interest and ensure the committee has the unvarnished truth. And Hillary knows that could spell the end of her political career.

Gowdy's affirmed -- in light of her wiping clean the email server -- that Hillary MUST appear separately to discuss EACH of these events -- Benghazi AND her "illegal" email practices.

Remember those that dared to uncover the truth about the Monica Lewinsky/Bill Clinton affair and Clinton's lies under oath about it? The Clintons and their friends in the media methodically destroyed the careers and reputations of those that dared to lead the impeachment proceedings, including Congressmen Bob Livingston, Bob Barr, Henry Hyde, Newt Gingrich, Helen Chenoweth, and Dan Burton.

Bottom line?

If Americans want Congressman Gowdy to uncover the truth about Benghazi and Hillary's role in it, Gowdy will need our support.

We need to let him know he has the support of Americans across the country and that we will have his back when faced with the mud slinging onslaught that is sure to come his way.

If Congressman Gowdy can finally uncover the truth, then, perhaps we can stop Hillary once and for all...because, she MUST BE STOPPED.

And in order to achieve that goal, WE NEED YOU ON OUR TEAM TODAY.

For America!

Senator Ted Harvey

P.S. Trey Gowdy is our best hope to finally get the answers Americans deserve, but he needs our help now more than ever. Chip in just $5 (or more if you can afford it) so we'll have the funds to support Gowdy and protect him from the Clinton media machine as he digs to clear the federal stonewall!

To find out how you can help go Stop Hillary PAC

Congressman Gowdy is the fight of his career. He is standing up to the Clintons and holding them accountable. Unfortunately the team of Billary Clinton don't like that so they aim their venom at Trey Gowdy today just like they did to Newt Gingrich,Bob Barr and Bob Linvingston in 1994. The Congressman needs your support. You can give him a call in his Washington DC office at (202)225-6030 and let him know the American people have his back and want him to continue holding Hillary accountable. If you live in Gowdy's district then vote for him if not try to support him. Gowdy is one of the last leaders in Congress who has any balls by holding Hillary accountable. If he is replaced by a democrat Hillary sympathizer then Hillary will skate-possibly into the White House. No one wants that so support Trey today.

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