Sunday, April 19, 2015

Tell Congress to honor Net Neutrality

From Fight For The Future:

BREAKING: Congress is moving to kill net neutrality using a special measure known as the Congressional Review Act. We have to stop it.

Just weeks ago, we won at the FCC. But since then, it’s just been open season on net neutrality. Two anti-net neutrality bills, five lawsuits1, and now this.

If we can't change Congress’s direction on net neutrality, we’ll lose it forever. But to do that, we need to build a grassroots army stronger than anything Comcast has seen before.

Will you chip in $20 to get Congress to back off, for good?

Yes, I'll chip in $20 to help save Net Neutrality.

If Comcast wins back the power to slow some sites and speed up others, they can hold the Internet hostage and make billions. So they’re fighting hard.

And unlike a normal bill, a CRA can pass fast with a simple majority vote: no filibuster, no hearings.2 Sure, it can be vetoed, but that is a false sense of security.

The truth is, we have no idea who will be President in two years. We have to take a stand now, in Congress.

Make no mistake: these politicians are on thin ice and they know it. They’ve received millions of dollars from companies everyone hates, to break the websites people love. But the truth won’t save us if nobody hears it. We need to sound the alarm.

Will you chip in $20, so that we can take a stand *now*?

Yes, I'll chip in $20 to save Net Neutrality.

The best part is, if we can scare Congress off these bills right now, this victory will stick. The longer the Internet flourishes under these rules, the harder they’ll be to undo. There *is* a light at the end of the tunnel.

Let’s get this done.


–Fight for the Future

P.S. A few people asked for more info about how we were going to use the money, so I wanted to give a bit more detail. It ends up being pretty simple. We need a campaigner who’s eating, sleeping and breathing net neutrality actions aimed at Congress, so that they’re constantly taking heat for this until they back off. Beyond that, we need to give that campaigner some design and developer time to support their best campaign ideas. Bringing together top notch activists with designers and developers in a space where everyone can work together to rain headaches down upon the corrupt– that’s what makes campaigns like possible. It’s how we win.

Our work isn't magic -- but we know it’s incredibly effective. We’re a small group of people with the right mix of talents who are waking up every morning with one mission, and one job: to protect the Internet’s power as a force for good in the world, to keep it from being turned against us.

Your donations are what let us do that. For us, the best donations are the ones that recur monthly because it’s support we can count on. Can you donate monthly?

Oh for sure, I’ll donate $20 each month to make sure we don’t lose net neutrality.


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