Wednesday, September 30, 2015

A nicer gentler Russia

Big shit is going down in the Middle East with Russia bombing what they say are ISIS targets yet they are no where near an ISIS encampment. It turns out they are bombing their buddy's enemies,people we are supporting. Russia,an considerate invader,is coming not only to the Middle East,no soon they'll appear in the Middle West. As in midwest USA. It's not that far fetched. Russian planes have flown very close to the Alaskan and Californian coastlines. Apparently Putin has slacked off on recognizing American sovereignty. Obama is really good at going after Republicans,especially conservatives with no mercy whatsoever yet when it comes to foreign policy he cowers. That is how it is. There is no other way to explain it. Will Putin invade the USA? He wants to get the band back together but America has always been an adversary. If he can capture the USA he believes he can push Russian dominance worldwide. That has been the Soviet dream and Putin is a ?former? KGB colonel and the dream of the Soviet Union was worldwide dominance with the USA on Russia's leash.

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