Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Big Telecom will shut down the government to get their way on Net Neutrality

From Open Media:

Ever since our historic win in February to stop the Internet Slow Lane, Big Telecom has been waging a war to roll back our victory.

If Big Telecom cronies try their underhanded tactics in Congress, it will amount to little more than a ransom note: “Bring back the Slow Lane or we’ll shut down the government.” If successful, this would be the lowest attempt yet to reverse our progress.1

We need your help to amplify your voices right now and launch an immediate campaign if their evil plan makes it to the final vote. It’s a very dynamic situation and anything could happen in the final hours.

The more we can raise in the next 24 hours, the more ready we will be, and louder we will get. So please chip in now.

Big Telecom are using every tool they can. They even have the audacity to claim that throttling and slowing your internet connection and your favourite sites counts as protected “free speech” under the 1st Amendment.2

Yeah, right. Give me a break.

Anything could happen in the next 24 hours. If they get their way tomorrow, we’ll wake up in a world where our favourite sites become slower and more expensive. We can’t let that happen.

We’re in this for the long haul— defending our Net Neutrality win defends the foundation of the open Internet. Can you donate today so we’re ready for what comes next?

For the Internet,

Josh Tabish, on behalf of your OpenMedia team

P.S. Thanks to the Internet, we’re incredibly efficient. But it still takes resources to amplify your voice and protect long-term wins. Whatever we raise, we’ll use to defend Net Neutrality and keep the Internet Slow Lane from ever coming back.

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[1] Policy Riders Threaten Vital Public Safeguards, Hijack Budget Process. Source: Public Citizen.

[2] ISPs don’t have 1st Amendment right to edit Internet, FCC tells court. Source: Ars Technica.

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