Friday, September 25, 2015

Big Telecom to put anit-freedom measures in spending bill

from Open Media:

You won’t believe this.

Just days after you helped file a historic legal brief in support of Net Neutrality,1 insider sources have confirmed that Big Telecom’s lobbyists could destroy the open Internet by sneaking dangerous new powers into a gigantic spending bill that has nothing to do with the web.2

This would be an amazingly underhanded way for telecom giants to destroy Net Neutrality and impose their Internet slow lane plan on all of us. It's wrong and we can't stand for it.

But decision-makers in Congress can stop this. If enough of us speak out, we can convince them to oppose any bill that would threaten the open Internet. Add your voice today before the rapidly-approaching deadline.3

If successful, these giants would gain the power to force your favorite websites into an Internet slow lane and raise prices on you and your family.4 This would make many of your favorite sites buffer sporadically, and return errors.

You see, Big Telecom lobbyists are working behind closed doors to exploit the spending bill process because they know that the government has to pass it soon, or face a federal shutdown.5

Well, we will remain vigilant and stand on guard. And to do that, we need large numbers to tell Congress to oppose any bill that threatens the open Internet. Speak out before the final deadline on September 30.

At OpenMedia, our mission is to ensure every one of our community members can amplify their voice on the issues they are passionate about.

That's why we worked with million of Internet advocates and hundreds of organizations to make sure the the FCC passed the strongest, most enforceable rules possible.6

But we can’t let them take that away from us now. Speak out before it’s too late.

–Josh, on behalf of OpenMedia

P.S., We can stop Big Telecom giants from slowing your favorite websites to a painful crawl – but only through your support. Chip in now so we can make sure your voice is heard.

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