Thursday, September 24, 2015

National Labor Relations Board bullies workers

From The National Right To Work Committee:

The radical Obama Labor Board is at it again -- trapping workers under unwanted union monopoly control.

Dissatisfied with United Auto Workers (UAW) Local 3066 union bosses, a group of battery plant workers in South Carolina recently circulated a petition to remove the unwanted union from their workplace.

After a majority of workers signed the petition, the employer agreed to withdraw recognition of the union.

The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) General Counsel deemed the workers' petition invalid and demanded that the UAW be brought back into the plant.

But the independent-minded workers were determined to remove the unwanted union and took the only other step available to them.

They exercised their right to request a secret-ballot election.

UAW union lawyers again cried foul, and the NLRB General Counsel again complied with their demands to block the secret-ballot vote.

Rather than let workers vote privately and let their true desire be heard, the rogue agency is colluding with union bosses to trap employees in an unwanted union.

These workers simply sought to exercise their workplace rights, and instead have fallen victim to NLRB policies that trample the rights of employees in an effort to protect union bosses from accountability from the workers they claim to "represent."

The Obama NLRB has made it a standard operating procedure to make removing an unwanted union as difficult as possible.

You may remember that earlier this year, the Obama NLRB subjected workers in Alabama to FIVE decertification elections to remove an unwanted union from their workplace.

Your Foundation stood with them every step of the way and ensured that their true voices were heard, and we will continue to fight on behalf of these South Carolina workers.

Thank you for your continued support so we are able to keep up the fight against the out-of-control Obama Labor Board and provide free legal aid to workers victimized by compulsory unionism abuses.


Mark Mix

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