Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Comcast is fighting net neutrality

From Demand Progress:

Comcast, T-Mobile, and AT&T have a new scheme to defeat Net Neutrality and bring back the internet slow lane we thought we'd killed forever.

Here's their plan: First, they impose low data caps on customers and slap you with big fees if you go over.

Then, Comcast and the other big cable companies pick certain apps and websites (hint: the ones that pay them a lot of money) that are exempt from their data caps.

This is nothing but a backdoor scheme to bring back the Internet slow lane that Net Neutrality is designed to prevent.

It's up to the FCC to shut down this backdoor attempt to end Net Neutrality, but Comcast has an army of lobbyists working full time to block the FCC from taking action.

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You may have already seen this idea marketed with names like "Binge On" by T-Mobile. The ads make it seem like it's some kind of special perk—but really, it's all about corporations regaining control over what you can see online.

It puts Comcast and its buddies in total control; Whether you binge on Netflix, love YouTube, or something else entirely, if your favorite app for streaming video can't afford to pay up or carry out whatever rules Comcast makes up, you're out of luck.

Demand Progress fought for years to make Net Neutrality the law of the land—and we did it by mobilizing our 2 million affiliated activists around actions like the Internet Slowdown.

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