Sunday, May 22, 2016

Tell Congress to Vote against TPP

From Fight For The Future

We already know the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) is not about trade, it’s about corruption and corporate control. And now we know more about its economic impact.

The TPP could be even more devastating than we thought. Tell Congress to vote no on this secret deal that opens the floodgates for Internet censorship!

The U.S. International Trade Commission (USITC), an obscure Federal agency that enthusiastically rubber-stamps destructive trade deals like NAFTA [1], just released its report projecting the economic effects of the TPP in the US. These bureaucrats almost always gives trade deals a 5 star review, but even they are not convinced by the TPP.

That shows just how bad the TPP really is. Even the government admits it. But corporations are pouring millions into lobbying. if we don’t speak out Congress will pass it anyway.

Email Congress to vote NO on TPP

So what did the USITC say about TPP?

The study indicates that in the TPP’s first fifteen years:
•The United States’ global trade deficit would actually increase by $21.7 billion;
•That there would be a decline in output for U.S. manufacturing, natural resources and energy of $10.8 billion [2]

TPP supporters have already started spinning pieces of this report to their advantage. Let’s make sure Congress isn’t fooled.

Through digital and intellectual property policies, the TPP would globalize the worst of US copyright law, limit freedom of expression, threaten internet security and privacy, and adopt harsh criminal sanctions that could be used against journalists and whistleblowers. [3]

Tell Congress: Bad for the internet, bad for the economy. Vote NO on TPP.

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