Monday, May 9, 2016

End Civil Asset Forfeiture laws

From Freedom Works:

Recently it was reported that a Christian band, orphanage, and church had $53,000 taken from them by the Oklahoma state government. The government did it by using an unconstitutional program known as civil asset forfeiture. This is where the government can take your property without even charging you with a crime. Civil asset forfeiture is unconstitutional, it violates your property rights, and it has got to end. Sign our petition to urge Congress to end civil asset forfeiture right now.

As long as this unconstitutional scheme is allowed to exist, everyone’s property is at risk of being taken by the government. Just think, if a church’s property was taken by the government, how safe is your property? Ray, stand up for your property rights! Tell Congress to stand up for your property rights by signing our petition today.

For Freedom,

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