Monday, May 9, 2016

Demand Hillary Clinton be prosecuted for the email scandal

From Stop Hillary PAC:

It's been over a year since Hillary was caught red handed compromising American security with her private email server, and yet no charges have been filed!

The FBI claims the investigation is still 'ongoing', but we both know what that means. Unless American citizens demand Hillary be held accountable, the Clintons are going to get away with burying yet another scandal.

Guccifer, the hacker responsible for exposing Hillary's secret server laughed at Clinton's claims that the server was secure. Cyber terrorists are laughing at us.

Federal officials found over 2,000 emails containing classified information, and two dozen emails deemed 'Top Secret.' Hillary's blatant disregard for the law has left America vulnerable.

We must demand accountability. Sign the pledge to join hundreds of thousands of Americans who demand Hillary's prosecution.

Even Obama's former Defense Secretary, Robert Gates, believes Hillary's grievances have left America exposed. Secretary Gates believes Guccifer was not the only one who hacked Hillary's emails. In fact, Gates believes it's more than likely that China, Russia, and Iran also hacked the classified emails Hillary stowed away on her secret server.

We must demand an immediate grand jury indictment for Hillary. In order to do so, we must collect 100,000 signatures as soon as possible. Hillary is well on her way to capturing the White House. If we do not stop her now, Hillary will undoubtedly use the Oval Office to shield herself from accountability.

We cannot allow Hillary to these abuses of power. These unfettered abuses of power have already resulted in too many American deaths at the hands of Hillary. Can you imagine what will happen if she overtakes the White House?

Neither can we. Stop her NOW.

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