Monday, May 9, 2016

Fire the FBI Director

From Fight For The Future:

Comey’s recent crusade against Apple is just the latest of many attempts to curtail our civil rights and invade our privacy in the name of national security - he has been endangering communities and security technology for decades.

He was instrumental in creating the vast domestic spy program that exists today. After 9/11, he authorized Bush’s massive, illegal domestic surveillance program and approved torture techniques like waterboarding. [1]

The FBI should protect the people: sign our open letter and tell Comey he’s out of control.

The government has access to more information and people now than ever. And yet, Comey insists he needs more. After lying to Congress about the need to sue Apple to build a backdoor into the iPhone, the FBI paid hackers over $1.3 million to access the San Bernadino iPhone. He’s since admitted that the lawsuit would have set a legal precedent that we know is dangerous, and we’re not alone.

Even the NSA thinks Comey is spying too hard.

Current and former NSA directors have spoken out against him. NSA Director Adm. Mike Rogers has called the FBI’s campaign against encryption a “waste of time.”[2] Rogers believes that end-to-end encryption is foundational to national security.

FBI Director Comey’s obsession with other people’s secrets could seriously harm our national security. Sign our petition telling him to resign.

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