Thursday, June 30, 2016

Don't let Obama bail out the insurance companies

From Freedom Works:

Obama’s ignoring the law. He’s ignoring a federal judge. He’s taking billions of your tax dollars to bail out his cronies in the insurance industry anyway. And now he’s hoping his lawyers find a loophole so he can keep spending your money!

We saw the legal hoops Obama jumped through to force ObamaCare on you. The courts betrayed us before, and you know they’ll betray us again. That’s why you must act and force Congress to end Obama’s bailouts permanently. Contact these Republican Senators and tell them it’s time to end the ObamaCare bailouts.

The only way we can stop Obama is by forcing Congress to pass Senator Marco Rubio’s bill: S 123. Send these Republican Senators a message. Tell them to support S 123. Tell them it’s time to end the ObamaCare bailouts.

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