Friday, June 17, 2016

Tell your Senator to support S. 683

From Americans For Safe Access:

More and more, Congress is talking about medical cannabis, but the conversation is largely focused on lifting research barriers. This is certainly important, but the fruit of any medical research will not come for several years, perhaps decades. That is why it’s so important for Congress to protect existing state medical cannabis programs in addition to expanding research. Thankfully, there’s a bill that does both of those things!

The CARERS Act (S. 683) would protect medical cannabis patients, their doctors, and the businesses that manufacture, test, and sell their medicine as long as they obey state law. It would also lift research barriers, create access to banking services for state-legal businesses, and help make it easier for veterans to obtain medical cannabis recommendations.

Medical cannabis patients need to let their senators in Washington know that protecting existing state medical cannabis programs is a top priority. Please take action to today by calling and emailing your Senators to support the CARERS Act today! And if your senator(s) have already signed on to the CARERS Act, be sure to send them a message of thanks.

Call and email your senators now!

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