Thursday, June 2, 2016

The establishment is trying to ram TPP through Congress

From Fight For The Future:

BREAKING: The New York Times is reporting that pro-TPP politicians plan to sneak the Trans-Pacific Partnership––and Internet censorship––through Congress during the lame duck session. [1]

Our Rock Against the TPP roadshow could play a big role in stopping it, but we’re still $44,000 short of our goal.

We’ve suspected this was coming, but now it’s confirmed. Corporate-backed lawmakers want to buck democratic process and rush the TPP to a vote this Fall.

The TPP is the largest deal of its kind in history. Although it's called a "free trade" deal, only six of the 30 chapters deal with traditional trade issues.

The TPP was negotiated behind closed doors in complete secrecy, with the same lobbyists who wrote bills like SOPA sitting at the table [2], so it’s no surprise that it’s full of unbalanced provisions that will lead to more censorship and DMCA takedowns, less online privacy, and more corporate and government control of the Internet. [3]

So many people have been speaking out against it that we’ve delayed the TPP for years already. Our tireless campaigning has made it politically impossible for any of the leading Presidential candidates to openly support it.

But now corrupt members of Congress are making a last ditch effort to ram the unpopular agreement through during the “lame duck session,” when many elected officials vote without meaningful accountability, since they’ve already either been re-elected or unseated for the coming year.

The New York Times rightly called their plan “perverse,” noting that backroom trade deals like the TPP haven’t “faced such political toxicity in decades.”

Fortunately, as you may have heard, we’re working with Rage Against the Machine guitarist Tom Morello and his new record label, Firebrand Records, to announce the largest mobilization against the TPP ever: the Rock Against the TPP roadshow.

We’ve been working on this for months and now we’re almost ready to unveil the incredible lineup and list of dates for a series of large-scale events in strategically selected cities featuring high profile musicians, speakers, and celebrities who can help us reach huge numbers of people who haven’t yet heard about the dangers of the TPP.

These events will have a massive impact, and the headlining artists are generously donating their time, but there are still a lot of major costs we have to cover, like venue rentals, sound and lighting equipment, posters and advertising, and transportation costs.

We’ve already raised more than $240,000 to make this epic endeavor possible, but we’re still $44,000 short of our goal for the first 6 events. We’re so close!

Please chip in $5 (or more!) to make the Rock Against the TPP tour possible!

If we fall short of our goal, we’ll have to scale back the plan, which will lessen its potential impact at a crucial time. On the other hand, if we surpass our goal, we’ll be able to add even more stops to the tour, putting the pressure on key members of Congress and helping educate massive numbers of people about this critical issue.

We CAN stop the TPP, and this is the single most effective way to do it. Will you chip in to make sure we can make it as big as it needs to be to ensure victory?

Yes! I’ll chip in to support the Rock Against the TPP roadshow.

Regardless of whether or not you can donate, stay tuned! In the coming days we’ll be making major announcements about this tour, and all the other ways you can get involved. It’s really exciting stuff!

Yours for the future,

-Evan at FFTF

P.S. If everyone on our list donated just $1, we’d be way past our goal already. But not everyone can chip in, so if you can, please click here to make sure we have the resources we need to stop the TPP.

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