Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Obama administration declares war on its enemies

From Campaign For Liberty:

With the months ticking away in President Obama's final term in the Oval Office, the battle cry emerging from the White House right now is "DESTROY YOUR ENEMIES!"

Using every means at their disposal, the Obama administration is preparing to unleash a torrent of Big Government schemes.

Whether it's Campaign for Liberty's ongoing fight with the IRS, the fight over the U.S. Supreme Court -- or the rapidly approaching November elections -- the stakes couldn't be higher for our liberty movement.

But after a mid-year review of Campaign for Liberty's financial situation, I'm afraid I'm facing an enormous problem.

We can't put up much of a fight for the remainder of 2016.

Not without a serious and IMMEDIATE influx of funds. And even then, I am afraid serious choices must be made. But this is OUR Campaign for Liberty, not only mine.

That's why I've written a special Mid-Year Member Ballot for your review.

As Campaign for Liberty President Norm Singleton and I sketch out our final plans for the rest of 2016, I need you to please tell us where to focus.

But I have only until July 1st to make a final decision. So please act right away!

With so much on our plates it's a decision I don't want to make without hearing from you.

So please give me your opinion. It will only take a moment of your time.

And if you have already signed your ballot, please forward this to a family member or friend right now.

One of my very top concerns right now is the Supreme Court vacancy left with the passing of Justice Antonin Scalia.

While Justice Scalia sometimes failed the liberty movement on issues like privacy, he was an ally on many other core constitutional issues.

Not only that, but he stood as a bulwark against those who would use federal courts to reshape American society.

Now, with his passing, the statists can hardly contain their glee.

Should President Obama succeed in confirming his nominee, Merrick Garland, there could be no saving our remaining constitutional liberties:

*** The Fourth Amendment will be further eroded as government agents stick their nose into more aspects of your "private" life;

*** The Second Amendment could be "interpreted" out of existence;

*** First Amendment protections -- like those that ensure Campaign for Liberty can boldly speak out against BOTH parties' radical Big Government schemes -- could be all but DESTROYED;

*** New EPA regulations, handing government vast new tax and regulatory controls over individual citizens' private property, would be rubber-stamped.

In fact, the left-wing website Daily Kos brags, "We'd affect the fundamental direction of the Court not for a year or two but possibly for a generation."

So if you think STOPPING confirmation of any Justice who would tip the scales in the statists' favor should be Campaign for Liberty's top priority, please mark "OPTION #1: STOP PRESIDENT OBAMA'S SUPREME COURT TAKEOVER!" on your Mid-Year Member Ballot.

The second fight we are prioritizing this year is our ongoing fight with the IRS.

For more than two years now, I've fought the IRS's demands for the names, addresses, and other confidential personal information on select Campaign for Liberty contributors.

With the help of good folks like you, I've stood up to their attempts to cripple Campaign for Liberty with everything from legal threats to $10,000-a-day fines.

I did so for an important reason. They're UNCONSTITUTIONAL and they are flat-out wrong.

Forcing organizations like Campaign for Liberty to publicize donor information would have an incredibly chilling effect on political free speech.

Many liberty-loving Americans would silence themselves for fear of becoming targets of political retribution.

So when Campaign for Liberty's accountants and senior staff prepared our annual financial statements for submission to the IRS as required by law, I instructed our staff to REFUSE to comply with these unconstitutional IRS demands and leave off any identifying donor information.

As a 501(c)(4) organization, Campaign for Liberty contributor information is supposed to be confidential.

Now, after coming so close to passing Audit the Fed in the U.S. Senate -- and with our continued efforts to INCREASE Senate pressure by passing the bill through the House -- the situation with the IRS is getting more serious by the day.

Their goal is to wipe our liberty movement off the map as a political force this election year by draining us with expensive fines and sky-high court costs.

But not fighting back could allow President Obama's goons to go on a rampage against anyone they've identified as a political enemy.

So if you think standing up to the IRS's demands should be our number-one priority, please mark "OPTION #2: FIGHT BACK AGAINST THE IRS."

Our third big priority is, of course, Audit the Fed.

Please consider just how far we've come with Audit the Fed -- and how very close we are to finally EXPOSING the Federal Reserve's corruption and cronyism.

Name virtually anything you HATE about Washington, D.C. today -- from a government that's involved in every aspect of our lives, to boondoggles like ObamaCare, to never-ending military adventurism and you'll find the banksters at the Fed bankrolling it all.

When taxing and borrowing cash aren't enough to make ends meet, the Fed simply prints more money to pay the bills –– enabling a government that's bigger and more intrusive than Americans would ever accept if its cost weren't hidden through inflation.

The good news is, with the results of the presidential race, the establishment in Washington, D.C. is scared stiff.

They've seen the American people rising up against the status quo, and they're scared stiff for their political futures.

That's why, after falling only seven votes shy of passing Audit the Fed in the Senate this January, if you and I can possibly create another tidal wave of momentum, the result could be far different.

As I write you, Campaign for Liberty is working to force Audit the Fed back on the Senate's agenda by passing it through the U.S. House as we've done the last two Congresses.

If we succeed, we could be setting up a fall showdown over Audit the Fed in the Senate -- pushing this issue to the very forefront of the U.S. presidential race.

With nearly 75% of the American people in support of Audit the Fed, any senator who opposes Audit the Fed will do so at their own political peril.

With Donald Trump publicly pledging a Fed audit within the first 100 days of his presidency -- while Hillary Clinton remains silent on Audit the Fed while raking in campaign contributions from Federal Reserve employees, including a Fed Governor -- President Obama may sign Audit the Fed in order to protect Hillary's presidential campaign.

So if you think auditing the Federal Reserve should be Campaign for Liberty's top priority, please mark "OPTION #3: EXPOSE THE FEDERAL RESERVE!"

And finally, remember that 2016 is a critical election year as well (as if you could forget).

Frankly, the statists in BOTH parties in Washington, D.C. have had enough of our liberty movement.

After all, you and I have seen more than our share of successes.

Whether it's Audit the Fed, sounding the alarm over government spying, derailing the National Internet Sales Tax -- or blocking schemes to impose a National ID -- liberty movement allies are making their impact felt.

Not that long ago, I was the lone voice for constitutional government in Congress.

But today, with leaders like my son Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) and U.S. Reps. Justin Amash (R-MI-3) and Thomas Massie (R-KY-4) charting the path forward, the liberty movement continues to grow.

The bad news is, BOTH parties are gunning for us.

So you and I are going to have to FIGHT back like never before if we want to build the numbers it will take to ultimately restore liberty in America.

That means pulling out all the stops to EXPOSE statists' Big Government records by using every tool at our disposal, including email, social media, U.S. mail, grassroots mobilization, and even Internet and TV ads (if I can raise the resources).

A plan this big is not going to be cheap.

But I can't imagine waving the white flag and allowing the Big Government forces we've fought so hard against to steamroll us!

So if you think preparing for November should be Campaign for Liberty's top priority, please mark "OPTION #4: EXPOSE THE STATISTS IN NOVEMBER!" on your Mid-Year Member Ballot.

As you'll see, there are no easy choices.

Our country is on the brink, and I'm afraid the only way to bring it back is to fight harder than we ever have.

That's why, as you'll see, I've included one more option on your Member Ballot.

If you think C4L should fight on all four of these fronts and more, please click "OPTION #5: FIGHT EVERYWHERE! DON'T GIVE AN INCH!"

But please recognize how serious this is.

Without a massive influx of funds, I simply won't be able to even run a full program on any one of these critical battles through the rest of the year -– let alone all of them!

Fighting the statists everywhere will mean I simply must count on you to go above and beyond what you've done in the past.

That's why I simply must hear from you right away.

So can I please count on your most generous contribution of $30 TODAY?

I know that's a lot. I know it's more than you've done in the past.

But if $30 is just too much, please rush me your most generous contribution of $20 or at least $10 IMMEDIATELY!

With so much on the line, this could not be more serious.

So please return your Mid-Year Member Ballot to me right away, and tell me how to proceed.

For Liberty,

Dr. Ron Paul

P.S. As you'll see, I've enclosed a special Campaign for Liberty Member Ballot with this letter.

I have only a few weeks to nail down Campaign for Liberty's most crucial plans for the rest of 2016, but I can't do that without hearing from you first.

So please fill out your Mid-Year Member Ballot and return it to me right away along with your most generous contribution of $30 , $20 or at least $10 at once!

And if you have already signed your ballot, please forward this to a family member or friend right now.

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