Sunday, June 12, 2016

Support the Adult Use of Marijuana Act (AUMA)

From Let's Get It Right,California:

It's official.

The primary election is over, and that means the next time Californians head to the polls this November, we'll be voting on the Adult Use of Marijuana Act. Our campaign is reaching a new phase as we work to end marijuana prohibition once and for all in our state. And we need you to join us.

The campaign is about to speed up in a big way. In just weeks, we'll start knocking on doors, calling voters, and begin fighting for every vote. And more exciting news -- we just launched a brand-new website!

Let's Get It Right California website screenshot

Take a look at our new website today -- and forward this email to your friends and family to make sure they’ve seen it too!

Our new website is going to be the digital hub of our outreach efforts, a home base for new supporters to learn more about the AUMA, and an action center for people who want to get more involved in the campaign.

That's why we need you not only to explore our new website, but to send it along to everyone you know who's voting in the November election.

Since the primary is over, our opponents are only going to kick their attacks on us into higher gear. In fact, they just launched their own deceptive, misleading website to try to sway the public against us -- and we need your support to make sure they don't succeed.

Check out our new website and forward this email to make sure your friends and family are ready to end California’s marijuana prohibition!

I'm excited to get this started.

Brian Brokaw
Campaign Manager
Let's Get It Right California

California is on the edge of saying good bye to a law rooted in racism and embracing legalization that is the gateway to a greater understanding. The only problems associated with marijuana are legal ones. If it weren't for this stupid law there would be no destroyed lives due to police raids and families broken up with children placed in CPS custody. It's time to say good riddance to bad rubbish and say good bye to marijuana prohibition in the Golden State. So if you are a California resident or legally able to vote in California and you are tired of marijuana prohibition in that state you may want to support AUMA.

The facts about AUMA.

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