Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Don't let big cable sell your private information

From Free Press Action Fund:

This is a story of cynical Beltway politics at its worst.

FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler has two strong proposals on the table: one would stop Comcast from selling your private information without your consent, and another would lower your cable-TV bill by ending the monopoly on that set-top box you're forced to rent each month.

Thousands of us have written in support of these common-sense, pro-consumer policies — but it isn't clear whether they'll move forward before the end of the Obama administration.

The cable industry's friends in Congress are threatening the survival of both of these measures. Instead of letting the agency do its job, they're pressuring Wheeler to resign right after the election and stalling the renomination of Commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel.

Holding up a confirmation to force the agency's hand on unrelated topics is no way to govern.
Worse still: It might be working.1

Rosenworcel is reportedly reluctant to move quickly on these crucial measures. And they need her vote to pass.

We need the FCC to stand up to industry and reject Congress’ political games.

Tell the FCC to protect your privacy and lower your cable bill TODAY.

Anything worth doing at the FCC is going to take at least a 3–2 vote. Chairman Wheeler, Commissioner Mignon Clyburn and Commissioner Rosenworcel have a chance to go down in history as leaders of the FCC that did more for the public interest than any other. Their decisions over the next few months could cement that legacy — but only if all three of them hold strong.

We need them to work together — now.

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