Monday, August 15, 2016

Tell Obamq to stand with the people not trial lawyers.

From Freedom Works:

There’s only a week left to stop Obama’s massive liberal trial lawyer payday. If enacted, this regulation takes money away from actual victims and gives it to liberal trial lawyers. And if that’s not bad enough, you’ll have to pay for it. Because of this regulation your credit card interest rates, ATM fees, student loans, home mortgages, and bank loans will all drastically increase.Don’t let that happen. Contact the Obama Administration right now. Tell them to stand up for you not the trial lawyers.

Please use these notes to inform your comments:

- This proposed regulation isn’t about protecting consumers, it’s designed to make it easier for trial lawyers to gather big class action groups allowing them to collect bigger fees.

- The government’s own study found that individual arbitration awards average several thousand dollars, while the average class action settlement payment is $32.35. Meaning that consumers and victims are better off in arbitration.

- This rule will make all covered financial products more expensive: higher fees for bank products, higher interest rates on credits cards. And this rule only benefits trial lawyers.

So far, we’ve been able to drive more then 10,000 comments to stop it. But I fear it won’t be enough. If we’re going to stop this terrible regulation we need to double that amount. So please, take 30 seconds and contact the Obama Administration right now. Tell them to stop Obama’s liberal trial lawyer payday.

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