Saturday, August 13, 2016

Why are police officers being targeted?

That's the question a lot of conservatives are asking. They keep asking and asking but unfortunately for them I'm going to answer them with a response they are going to hate. Police brutality. Let's use former police officer current prison inmate Drew Peterson as an example. Peterson was recently caught trying to hire a hitperson to kill the prosecutor that sent him to prison. When he was an active police officer Peterson was known to threaten those he stopped. When he wrote speeding tickets or other infractions he told the people being cited that they better plead guilty or he would make their lives a living hell. Drew Peterson was a dirty cop but there are other dirty cops out there and the police brass covers for them. If a bad cop shoots someone and kills them they get time off with pay. If you or I do the same thing we go to jail and possibly prison. Sean Hannity loves to have on his show Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke.Hannity throws softballs Clarke's way. Let me ask Clarke the question on dirty cops and what he is doing to combat the problem. That is if they are doing anything about it. I'll ask him the tough questions like: the blue code is never snitch on a fellow cop. The prison code is never snitch on a fellow con. What is the difference between these two codes and what is he doing to address the problem of police brutality? For every action there is a reaction. Police brutality begets violence against police officers. the people are going to rebel against oppressive authority. When the people see bad cops being ostracized and shunned then perhaps things can settle down. When these same officers go to prison for their misdeeds then maybe the problem will dissipate. But there have to be reforms before anything can progress forward.

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