Thursday, August 25, 2016

Liberals are out to get Rand Paul

From Rand Paul For Senate:

I am under attack. I have spent six years battling back the Democrats' unconstitutional power grabs, and now, they've declared open season on me.

Democrats and liberal special interest groups have amassed a sizeable war chest - millions of dollars - to run misleading, negative ads attacking me.

What's more, my wealthy opponent is using his personal fortune to bankroll his campaign.

I have devoted my time in the Senate to cutting taxes, cutting government, and cutting the debt. As a result, my deep pocketed opponent is spending millions to smear my pro-Liberty record.

Election Day is just 74 days away, which is why I am urgently asking for your help. Will you make a contribution today to help me fight the Democrats' unconstitutional agenda?

Unlike my opponent, I am not independently wealthy and cannot self-fund my campaign. There's no telling what Democrats have planned after the election, but my deep-pocketed opponent is the key to it all.

My unwavering pro-Liberty, pro-Constitution positions have blatantly disrupted liberal efforts to limit our freedoms, making me a direct threat to the Washington Establishment's agenda.

I cannot defeat my self-funded opponent and the Democratic Machine on my own, and without your help I fear this is a losing battle. Will you stand with me today by making a contribution of $25, $50, $100, or even $5?

In Liberty,
Rand Paul

P.S. I am running a grassroots campaign, and I cannot win without your support. A contribution of any amount will truly make a difference, and will help me continue the crusade against the Big Government liberals trying to limit our liberties. Will you please stand with me today?

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