Friday, August 12, 2016

To the GOP assholes that refuse to support Donald Trump

You must really hate America. I guess the party takes a backseat to your egos. The fact that you are not supporting Donald Trump for President speaks volumes. I guess you have no problem with a Hillary Clinton Presidency. I guess you have no problem with Hillary picking the next Supreme Court justice. The person she nominates will not share your values. In fact just like Hillary they will despise them. Hillary will stack the Supreme Court with very liberal judges that will rip to shreds the Constitution, the document you give lip service to by lying when you say you love the Constitution and honor it. If you support and vote for Hillary you are a traitor. A traitor to the things you claimed to have loved and honored but the moment you didn't get your own way you are ready to throw away America just to salvage what is left of your precious pride. "I'm taking my toys and going home" is what you are basically saying. The American people have chosen Donald Trump as the Republican Party's nominee for President of the United States of America. The will of the people is everything while you egos are shit. Get used to it and support Donald Trump for President.

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