Thursday, December 18, 2014

Don't let the rainbow mafia bully society

From Public Advocate:

On behalf of my family and staff, I would like to wish you and your family a Merry Christmas.

During the Christmas season, Public Advocate will reach a critical deadline -- after which every radical homosexual activist will hold a copy of Public Advocate’s financial records in his or her conniving hands.

December 31, 2014 is the deadline for contributions to appear on the IRS 990, the public report that discloses exactly how much money Public Advocate has raised in 2014.

But right now, our figures are falling short of my 2014 objectives.

If I’m to meet budget expectations this year, I must raise $53,599.99 before midnight, December 31st.

If I fail to raise $53,599.99 by December 31st, I’ll be forced to broadcast our weakness and vulnerability to the Homosexual Lobby.

After exposing the Homosexual Lobby’s handpicked candidates ahead of the midterm elections and the brutal fight this year on the Gay Bill of Special Rights, the Homosexual Lobby must not find Public Advocate with little money left to fight next year.

Don’t worry, no one in the Homosexual Lobby will ever know how much you’ve contributed to Public Advocate. Your personal information is kept confidential.

But when I turn in my 990 next year, the Homosexual Lobby will know exactly how much money I raised -- and how much I still have left to oppose the Homosexual Agenda next year.

The radical Homosexual Lobby will be looking for ANY sign of weakness in the pro-Family movement -- believe me, they haven’t given up.

If they see Public Advocate’s treasury depleted, they will see an opening to ram through the Gay Bill of Special Rights, the Homosexual Classrooms Act and National Homosexual “Marriage.”

As I look over my records, I see that you haven't given to Public Advocate in the past.

Without financial support and prayers from our supporters, Public Advocate would be nothing -- totally helpless against the radical homosexuals’ assault on our families and Religious Liberties.

You have done so much for our cause. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Today, I’m asking you to dig deep.

I hope to count on you to chip in $10 or $20 if you can afford it.

If we hope to beat the Homosexual Agenda next year, we must end this year strong -- and the last thing I want to do is submit a public financial report that shows I clearly did not meet my budget goals for 2014.

That’s why I’m asking you to give whatever you can afford today.

My friend, I hope you understand why this deadline is so important to me.

Deviant homosexual operatives are about to know exactly how much I raised this year, and how much cash I have on hand to oppose their radical agenda.

The Homosexual Lobby utterly despises Public Advocate and ridicules all the work you and I do to defend morality in America.

The Human Rights Campaign, The Southern Poverty Law Center, The National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, GLAAD, The North American Man/Boy Love Association, and every other radical homosexual organization will be scouring our finance report to exploit every chink in my armor.

The consequences could prove dire for the American family.

Right now homosexual activists are plotting to tempt the new Republican majority into passing their perverse agenda.

They will tell them passing the Gay Bill of Special Rights will “expand the tent” and “keep you in the majority” -- that the pro-Family movement is too weak.

And I have almost nothing left financially.

I have the troops and volunteers.

I have their commitment to fight on.

I have the organization to take this battle to the front lines!

But without the financial armaments to take on the radical homosexual threat, I can do nothing while our government helps eradicate morality from America.

And now that Barack Obama has entered the final lame duck years of his term, that threat grows more and more bold every day.

This year alone, he has imposed parts of the Gay Bill of Special Rights through executive overreach... and since he does not have to worry about re-election, he can act as a rubber stamp of approval for the Homosexual Lobby.

I must know if I can continue to count on you -- that you’ll stand with me in reaching my budget goals before December 31st.

I hate having to tell you like this, but I have no other choice.

Money is so tight now that I may have to scale back critical pro-Family programs at the worst time of year -- as the new Congress convenes in January.

As you know, my office doesn’t receive public funding for our important pro-Family campaigns.

While the Homosexual Lobby continues to siphon millions of taxpayer dollars to bankroll front groups like “AIDS Awareness” campaigns and radical “sex education” initiatives, I raise every penny from concerned Americans like you.

Today, my friend, I ask you to please CLICK HERE to chip in $10 or $20 -- before it’s too late.

I pray I can keep all of Public Advocate’s programs running strong to confront the radical Homosexual Agenda and defeat the deplorable tactics of their shadowy Congressional cronies.

But Public Advocate can’t keep up the pace without additional financial support from pro-Family patriots like you.

The radical Homosexual Lobby outspent Public Advocate this year around 30 to 1, and their dirty war chest continues to grow at an alarming rate.

Nevertheless, Public Advocate managed to check the Homosexual Lobby on several fronts.

We used your petitions and postcards to strike fear in the hearts of enough Congressmen and Senators to stave off votes on the Homosexual Classrooms Act and so far stall the Gay Bill of Special Rights in the House.

And you and I organized support for the religious freedom of private Christian businesses when the Homosexual Lobby launched massive attacks on their pro-Family stances.

But even with these setbacks, the Homosexual Lobby made horrifying gains in 2014, including expanding the number of states with legalized homosexual “marriage” to a record high of 33.

Now they’re promising to pass National Homosexual “Marriage” at the federal level. And to do it, they have to take you and me out of the fight.

Their attack dog -- the Southern Poverty Law Center -- has been dragging your Public Advocate through an expensive and drawn-out series of unending legal attacks.

And they aren’t going to stop. Building on their legislative and court victories, radical activists are ready to push the Homosexual Agenda at every level and in every community.

With anti-family Barack Obama ready with pen in hand for two more years and weak-kneed Republicans in the Congress, the Homosexual Lobby will be a bigger threat next year than ever before.

You can expect to see all of the pro-homosexual bills, from the Gay Bill of Special Rights to the Homosexual Classrooms Act to the Offense of Marriage Act trotted out before Congress once again.

They’ll be looking to exploit our every weakness in the months to come.

No wonder they’ll be poring over my finance report like demented hyenas cackling as they stalk their prey, ready to rip it to shreds.

Without it, the Homosexual Lobby will be able to show Public Advocate’s 990 to moderate politicians as proof there is no effective opposition to their agenda.

Not only that, if we fail to meet our goals we won’t even be able to fund all of our pro-Family programs next year -- so I’m counting on you to stand by my side to help me raise the funds I need by December 31st.

Only with your financial support and prayers can I continue to defend the American family in key battles across America.

Whether you can send $10, $20, -- or whatever you can afford -- I would be tremendously grateful.

You have been there for me in the past. I hope and pray you will pull through for me before December 31st by sending your most generous contribution.

Thank you and God bless,

President, Public Advocate of the United States

P.S. I urgently need your help before December 31st -- the cut off for me to disclose to the IRS exactly how much money Public Advocate has raised and spent this year.

And after a long year of leading the fight to oppose the Homosexual Agenda in Washington, I have little ammunition left to fight back or mount an offense in 2015.

However, I haven’t met my fundraising goals this year and if I turn in a report advertising that fact, the Homosexual Lobby will exploit our weakness and move in for the kill.

Your emergency gift of $10 or even $20 will save Public Advocate from certain defeat next year as the Homosexual Lobby still has many allies in Congress and the anti-Family Obama White House.

Oh yes,we all remember the Southern Poverty Law Center and how much integrity they have.

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