Friday, December 19, 2014

SOPA makes a return

From Fight For The Future:

Creepy news: MPAA is on the march, again.

What is the MPAA? They’re the lobby that brought us SOPA. What do they want? The power to censor any website if its users post anything copyrighted (pictures, songs, videos–even links).

Now, leaked emails show they’re getting a corrupt clique of Attorney Generals to do their dirty work and bring back SOPA the sneaky way. The plan is lead by Mississippi AG Jim Hood. Can you help us bury Hood's office in calls & emails?

What’s the problem with censoring whole websites? Well, apart from huge problems with copyright itself, and some serious technical issues, nearly every important website gives its visitors freedom to post stuff. The power to censor entire sites based on users’ behavi or is essentially the power to destroy communities like Reddit, Tumblr, Youtube, Pinterest, or pretty much any place where people express themselves.

Do you want random media companies to have the power to destroy websites? We sure don’t.

Tell Jim Hood that Internet censorship is out of the question. Contact him

In responses to the Huffington Post, Hood called for a list of sites that search engines and ISPs would be legally required to block . Who makes the list? Hood’s friends at the MPAA.

We’ve been through this before. At the behest of MPAA and old media giants, Congress tried to pass SOPA & PIPA. We organized an epic protest, the Internet rose up in magical unison, and the rest is history: Congress shelved the bill.

But unlike Congress, these Attorney Generals never got thousands of angry emails and phone calls. That’s got to change. Tell Jim Hood that you won’t let Internet censorship happen in America.

We only know about these plans thanks to leaked emails from the (itself Hollywood-esque) Sony Pictures hack, and heroic reporting by The Verge (which Sony tried to censor).

The story is too long and crazy to tell here, but if North Korean hackers didn’t hack Sony Pictures while trying to censor a dumb movie mocking their dictatorship, the public might never have discovered these plans to censor America's Internet.

If there was an Oscar for “best ironic blowback", this would win it.

It’s a crazy world. Stand up for what you believe in!

Holmes Wilson, Tiffiniy Cheng, Evan Greer, Kevin Huang, Jeff Lyon & Vasjen Katro (aka Fight for the Future)

Bullies. That's the only word I can come up with to describe Sony. They have no problem getting in the faces of the American people but if someone bigger than them fucks with them like North Korea they act like the pansies they are. Fucking libtard bullies. That's all Sony is.

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