Saturday, December 27, 2014

Support the Rand Paul campaign

From Rand 2016:

The media's labeled Senator Paul the Democrats #1 enemy because our movement is their biggest threat.

And with the December 31st reporting deadline just 4 days away, the liberal press is desperate to puncture holes in our momentum.

Coming off historic victories in the midterm elections, they are hoping to blast out headlines that Senator Paul fell short and the Democrats are prepped for victory in 2016.

That's why it's vital Senator Paul count on your immediate support to help him raise $125,000 before the December 31st deadline.

So please chip in a contribution below and send a message that conservatives are ready to fight in 2015 and win in 2016.

In Liberty,

The Team at Rand 2016

There is also a ballot on that website too asking which direction you want the country to go. If you are tired of the anti-civil liberties attitude of the statists this is your chance to stand up to them and let them know they can no longer trample on your civil liberties. Let them know you're taking your country back.

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