Saturday, December 13, 2014

Michigan's version of the gay bill of special rights goes down in flames

From Public Advocate:

The Homosexual Lobby's radical agenda crashed into a brick wall in Michigan.

All thanks to your Public Advocate and our pro-Family supporters!

Just last week, Michigan's version of the Gay Bill of Special Rights -- dubbed the Pedophile Protection Act due to its far-reaching implications -- failed to gain enough support in the House Commerce Committee to even warrant a vote.

That makes it a dead bill when Michigan's lame duck session comes to a close.

But this is just a small part of the story.

This pro-Family victory was the result of months of Public Advocate's hard work and our thousands of supporters on the ground in Michigan.

Public Advocate issued hard-hitting pro-Family surveys to every candidate for state office before November's elections -- nearly 350 individuals!

Key battleground House Districts were targeted for additional advocacy; such as postcards, automated phone calls, local activist meetings, and even leafleting.

Representatives from three of these targeted districts were on the Commerce Committee -- and when the time came to debate this despicable bill, they had learned the importance of opposing it.

We also faced off against the entire Homosexual Lobby in one key district over an open seat.

The Homosexual Lobby publicly bragged they would defeat the pro-Family candidate running there who completed our Family Values Survey 100%.

We gave the voters of that district the real story of the Homosexual Lobby, their agenda, and what their candidate had in mind for Michigan.

And the people rallied around the pro-Family choice.

The November elections saw the Homosexual Lobby lose in almost every open race for the state House and Senate.

Due to these defeats, they have no chance of controlling this legislature in the next session.

That's why they were desperate to ram their bill through during Lame Duck.

And that's why it was so crucial for Public Advocate's supporters to step up for Traditional Values and Religious Liberties.

For an entire month, Public Advocate's supporters answered our calls to action.

They flooded the state capitol with phone calls and emails.

Two of the biggest targets in Lansing were Speaker of the House Jase Bolger and State Representative Frank Foster, the two leading Republican supporters of the Pedophile Protection Act (PPA).

Both received massive payouts from anti-Family radicals Tim Gill and Paul Singer this summer.

And both have faced the pro-Family backlash for their betrayal.

Frank Foster actually lost his primary bid for re-election to another candidate who returned our survey 100% pro-Family.

And Speaker Bolger was forced to offer up a Michigan Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA) in an effort to buy support for his radical bill.

Public Advocate's grassroots efforts were so effective that while the PPA died in Frank Foster's Commerce Committee, the RFRA sailed right through the House!

To sum up the Homosexual Lobby's defeat in Michigan, 2014:

•Wasted over $150,000 buying candidates who were rendered powerless or even removed from office,
•Lost a key House race in which they focused national efforts and resources,
•Failed to gain control of either the state House or Senate -- and even lost influence there,
•Defeated in the legislative fight to see their bill (PPA) passed out of Committee, let alone out of the House,
•Lost the war for public opinion as the people of Michigan widely turned against them,
•Failed to prevent the Religious Freedom Restoration Act from passing the House in place of the PPA,
•Were crushed at every point by Public Advocate's 'David' to their 'Goliath.'

All this was made possible by your support and donations.

Public Advocate does more on a shoestring budget than the Homosexual Lobby can accomplish with their giant bank accounts.

Our secret weapon: your dedication and your passion.

And I cannot overstate how critical this victory in Michigan was.

As the future of the national Gay Bill of Special Rights was looking darker and darker, the national Homosexual Lobby set up Michigan as a proxy fight -- a consolation prize to their radical members.

Over the last month, major groups like the Human Rights Campaign spoke about Michigan nearly as much as they did D.C.

But your Public Advocate defeated them on both the national and state levels.

And together, you and I showed America that the fight over Family Values and Traditional Morality is not over.

For the Family,

President, Public Advocate of the U.S.

P.S. Will you chip in $10 or $20 to help fund Public Advocate in this fight?

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