Saturday, December 27, 2014

Help to keep Hillary out of the White House

From Stop Hillary PAC:

I need your help -- I have big decisions to make, and I cannot make the right ones without you.

There are less than 5 days left before our final FEC deadline...

And the November elections proved that the American people are sick of socialist, Big Government policies...BUT now we're at even greater risk as liberal media darling Hillary Clinton silently builds the most expensive and expansive campaign we've seen yet.

Hillary has yet to announce her run for president, but it's clearly coming:

>>>MSNBC: Hillary Clinton is millionaires' top choice in 2016

>>>Washington Post: Hillary's 2008 lead was never as big as her 2016 one is

>>>Clinton Adviser: "She is expected to begin preparation for a campaign over the next two months."

But for you and me -- her run has already begun.

And that's why we launched the "Hillary Announcement FUND" and must raise $200,000 before we close the books on 2014.

*I need your immediate contribution of $5, $25, or more if we're going to keep Hillary out of the White House in 2016.* We have less than 5 days until the final FEC deadline before she announces, and every penny counts.

Our movement is the only thing between Hillary and the presidency. Before she announces, we must lay the groundwork and fund our opposition to prevent Hillary Clinton from destroying our nation.

That's why it's crucial you help me reach the "Hillary Announcement FUND" goal of $200,000 before the December 31st deadline.

The Hillary backers and the media both know a big fundraising quarter for our movement combined with the strong November election results will make it impossible for them to ignore the fact that Hillary's days are numbered even before her 2015 announcement.

We have less than 5 days to our FEC deadline, and every moment counts!

You see, without the grassroots backing from patriotic Americans from all over the country, our best-laid plans are nothing but words on paper, and the upcoming December 31st reporting deadline is absolutely critical.

That's why I'm turning to you for help:

The national media wants to know if our momentum is real...that's why they're waiting with bated breath to see the results of our next financial report.

Please, I need to hear from you. It's important that you respond right away to ensure we have the plan to defeat Hillary fully funded before Dec. 31st.


Senator Ted Harvey (R)
Chairman, Stop Hillary PAC

P.S. Stop Hillary PAC is building an army of dedicated Americans who are dedicated to opposing Hillary from Day One -- will you be one of them?

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