Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Support Rand Paul in 2016

From Rand 2016:

Can you and I keep the momentum going?

I hate to be this blunt.

But with two important dates right around the corner, I'm counting on your action today.

FIRST, the December 31st Fourth Quarter Fundraising Deadline is rapidly approaching.

I know I've already been labeled "Democrats' Enemy #1."

But a big fundraising quarter for me will help prove to our national media and members of BOTH parties that the sky is the limit for you and me in 2015 and beyond.

It will help prove that our shared movement for liberty and limited government – the movement Democrats fear most – is only growing!

With many folks already turning their focus to 2016, that's bad news for Big Government Democrats!

SECOND, on January 3rd, 2015, the new Congress is sworn in. Senator Harry Reid will be officially out as Senate Majority Leader.

If our Republican Party is serious about winning in 2016, we simply must deliver.

That means cutting spending, repealing ObamaCare, reining in NSA spying, and standing up to President Obama's abuses of power – like his recent Executive Amnesty scheme.

Make no mistake November 2014 was just the beginning.

With these two extremely important dates ahead of us, I'm counting on you to stand with me once again.

Will you please fill out your Republican Roadmap at once and agree to your most generous contribution IMMEDIATELY?

Please chip in whatever you can.

Your support today will make all the difference.

In Liberty,

Rand Paul

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