Sunday, January 4, 2015

The War on the People

I've been watching FOX News and I've been listening to the Rush Limbaugh show where the guest host Buck Sexton is a former cop so he's their biggest cheerleader. But he's really more than that: he is a total propagandist. Both Sexton and FOX are crying over the current anti-police attitude that is felt across the nation. Why is this happening they wonder. I wondering how they cannot connect the dots. First of all the police and government declared war on the people. This blog is loaded with petitions to curb police and government overreach and I've read at Reason about police misconduct so I would have to say the police and government started it. The problem the police and government is feeling is a pushback from the people. The people they thought would be sheep who would gladly be led to the slaughter. It turns out however they overestimated their bullshit and now the backlash is kicking them in the ass. The only difference is that years ago the cops were dickheads in the minority community and everyone rightfully protested the discrimination. I guess the cops did learn one thing: why discriminate when you can be a dickhead to everybody. This is what we are seeing. Police brutality: it was wrong then and it is wrong now. There are violent criminals that prey upon others and no I don't stick up for them so you know I'm not going to stick up for violent criminals with badges.

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