Friday, January 9, 2015

Get Al Sharpton fired from MSNBC

From The Conservative Action Fund:

Al Sharpton must be fired!

Will you join the Conservative Action Fund's campaign to get Al Sharpton FIRED from NBC?

There are a myriad of reasons why Al Sharpton should be fired:

***Al Sharpton is the #1 race-baiting racist in America - stoking violence and hatred towards police, conservatives, freedom and our Constitution.
***Sharpton shakes down corporations with extortion tactics: relent to Al's demands or he will call for a boycott that costs real workers their jobs.
***Sharpton and his "company" owe over $4.5 million dollars in back taxes!

If those weren't enough reasons, Sharpton's latest antics are the icing on the cake. His recent anti-police rants have cost two NYPD officers their lives. In the wake of this tragedy, the Conservative Action Fund is calling on NBC to fire Al Sharpton immediately. I know you agree, Al Sharpton and his race-baiting demagoguery MUST be stopped - Al Sharpton MUST be fired.

Sign the Conservative Action Fund's Fire Al Sharpton petition demanding NBC get rid of Al Sharpton immediately.

If NBC refuses to fire Al Sharpton, then we will call on every liberty loving American to boycott all of the sponsors of Sharpton's show.

Our goal is to put so much pressure on NBC and the sponsors of Sharpton's TV show that they have no choice but to cut ties with this thug.

With all of his public antics, it's hard to imagine Sharpton currying any favor in serious political circles, but Sharpton's influence extends all the way to the Oval Office. Sharpton has made over 80 visits to the White House during Obama's presidency.

Recently, one of the biggest liberal blogs named Sharpton the "most powerful man in America".

And what is the root of Sharpton's "power"??? His nightly show on MSNBC. Each night, Sharpton has a bully pulpit from which he can espouse his hateful, race-baiting rhetoric and carry out the threats aimed at extorting honest businesses!

Getting Sharpton kicked off TV would be a devastating blow to Sharpton and his race-baiting cronies. Furthermore, his dismissal would send the message that his style of race-dividing politicking has no place in America.

Join the Conservative Action Fund in demanding NBC fire Al Sharpton today.

Once we've reached 50,000 signatures, we will deliver the petitions to NBC to show them just how strong the opposition to Sharpton is across the nation.

And if NBC ignores our calls, then we will speak with our wallets through the boycott of the sponsors of Sharpton's show. Once enough sponsors pull their support for Sharpton, NBC will have no choice but to send Sharpton packing.

Let's start 2015 with a victory by getting Al Sharpton off TV.

Your donation will help gather more signatures and spread this petition far and wide. A $10 contribution can help us generate 225 more petitions to fire Al Sharpton. A $25 contribution can help us deliver 625 more fire Al Sharpton petitions. And a generous gift of $50 can deliver a forceful bundle of 1,225 petitions.

The bottom line... Al Sharpton represents EVERYTHING that is wrong with the race-baiting liberal left, and WE MUST STOP HIM before it is too late.

Dan Backer
Treasurer, Conservative Action Fund

P.S. Al Sharpton is the leader of the race-baiting liberal left, and his nightly television show gives him a bully pulpit to spew his hateful rhetoric. Don't forget, his words espoused on his TV show sparked the anti-police movement in New York City and across the country. His hateful rhetoric and hypocritical tax evasion show it's time for Al Sharpton to be kicked off TV.

Join the Conservative Action Fund's push to get Al Sharpton off TV. Click here to sign the petition demanding NBC fire Al Sharpton.

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