Friday, January 9, 2015

Title X will take away your internet freedoms

From Fight For The Future:

Dear Fight for the Future member,

The FCC basically just said they're going to vote to pass real net neutrality, but Congress wants to pass a law to stop them and give Comcast everything it wants.

Breaking news: last night at the CES Conference in Las Vegas, FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler "all but confirmed" that he is caving in to our massive public pressure campaign and moving to a vote on real Title II net neutrality on February 26th.

This is the one we’ve been waiting for. Literally NO ONE thought this was possible. Now, we’ve got less than two months before the decision.

Just when we have victory in sight, Congress is trying to pass a shady law called “Title X” that would undermine all the amazing work we’ve done. Basically it would pre-empt the FCC’s rule and prevent us from getting real net neutrality. Instead, we’d have a weak law in Congress that leaves the door wide open for monopolies like Comcast to abuse their power.

We need to act fast to show Congress that we see through the lies. We know they’re taking huge campaign contributions from companies like Comcast and we won’t be fooled.

Your signature is needed! Click here to sign our urgent petition to Congress demanding they drop “Title X” keep the Internet free and open.

There’s such overwhelming public support for the free and open Internet it shouldn’t be hard to defeat this, but we need to move fast. Please sign and share the petition widely.

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