Thursday, January 8, 2015

Good news about Net Neutrality

From Demand Progress:

FCC Chairman Wheeler finally – FINALLY – seems to get it! In a speech yesterday, he all but confirmed that the FCC is prepared to vote on rules strong enough to protect Net Neutrality. We don't have the details yet, but it looks like the FCC has heard the millions of people asking them to do the right thing.

Speaking at the Consumer Electronics Conference, Chairman Wheeler yesterday said that the agency has been investigating how to defend the Open Internet and that Title II has the “best protections.” The rules won't be circulated until February 5th (and voted on February 26th), but his comments all but confirmed that they will reclassify the Internet under Title II of the Telecommunications Act.

I don't want to get too excited yet. As they say, the devil (The Comcast?) is in the details, and we're up against some of the most powerful forces in business and politics. But this is great news.

They said we'd never get this far. They said the ISPs were too big to fight. They said the FCC was captured by industry. But together we keep winning -- every step of the way so far.

And we're a huge part of why: Demand Progress and our members have spurred more than 1 million FCC comments, along with millions of emails and hundreds of thousands of phone calls to Congress, the White House, and the FCC.

If you keep participating in the process we will win. But we also need financial support to keep pushing back against the ISPs, because they won't relent.

They have millions of dollars. We have you. Can you contribute $20 to help us keep up the pressure?


-Demand Progress

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