Friday, January 30, 2015

A thank you from Campaign For Liberty

From Campaign For Liberty:


When I woke up this morning and looked at the ticker on our Moment of Truth Audit the Fed Money Bomb page, I was blown away by what I saw.

The ticker had passed $100,000 overnight!

We did it! We reached our goal!

And I can't thank you enough for your tremendous support during our Moment of Truth Audit the Fed Money Bomb.

I and everyone else at Campaign for Liberty are grateful and humbled by this outpouring of support.

Because of your support, our three-part plan to force Congress on record on Audit the Fed will get off to a strong start!

But that's not all.

Janet Yellen and her cronies at the Fed have also taken notice.

In fact, just yesterday, on the final day of our Audit the Fed Money Bomb, Janet Yellen held an emergency closed-door "private briefing" with a number of Democrat Senators.

There's no telling what type of threats she levied at those who refuse to protect Fed secrecy, or what type of sweetheart deals she offered to those who help KILL Audit the Fed.

What I do know is that thanks to your generous support, the banksters are on notice - and they're frightened.

Campaign for Liberty’s Director of Legislation, Tim Shoemaker, and I are on Capitol Hill today to meet with Senators about cosponsoring Audit the Fed.

And you can be sure I'm going to show them our Money Bomb ticker so they know that C4L members and supporters are FIRED UP and ready to AUDIT THE FED!

Take a moment and check out the ticker for yourself!

Thanks again for your generous support!

- Norm

P.S. The ticker on our Money Bomb page is still live.

Please feel free to chip in to bump it up a little higher and help strengthen our lobbying efforts on Capitol Hill today.

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