Monday, January 26, 2015

Kick Al Sharpton off the air

From Conservative Action Fund:

As "America's Toughest Sheriff," I've been pushing back against radical leftist, law enforcement-bashing demagogues for years.

Now we've got the perfect opportunity to give the boot to one of the worst, MSNBC's resident race-baiting loudmouth, Al Sharpton!

I'm thrilled to add my support to the Conservative Action Fund's campaign to get Al Sharpton FIRED from NBC -- will you join me?

His most recent anti-police rants have cost two NYPD officers their lives. In the wake of this tragedy, I'm joining with the Conservative Action Fund to call on NBC to fire Al Sharpton immediately, and I'm asking you to join them.

It's time to act now, before Sharpton's irresponsible ranting gets anyone else hurt -- or worse.

For decades, Sharpton has been making dangerous charges against the brave men and women who protect our neighborhoods and keep us safe.

From his tracksuit and gold chains street agitator days in the 1980s all the way up to inciting racial strife in New York City today, Sharpton's career has been one sensationalist shakedown after another. In fact, he's now going after the Oscars because he thinks they didn't nominate enough minorities!

Despite this, liberal media network NBC has employed Sharpton for years and given him a nationally televised soapbox for him to spread his irresponsible attacks... but enough is enough.

Al Sharpton MUST be fired -- and you can help make that happen!

Sign the Conservative Action Fund's Fire Al Sharpton petition demanding NBC get rid of Al Sharpton immediately.

Our goal is to put so much pressure on NBC and the sponsors of Sharpton's MSNBC TV show that they have no choice but to cut ties with this thug.

Getting Sharpton off the air would get his bluster off the air -- and send a message that America doesn't need his brand of "activism" anymore.

Join the Conservative Action Fund in demanding NBC fire Al Sharpton today.

I've seen firsthand how this thug operates and just exactly what he's capable of.

A few years ago, I met with Sharpton in my office in a good faith effort to iron out some of our differences and to share with him my perspective from a law enforcement point of view on enforcing existing illegal immigration laws.

And what was the result of this meeting? Sharpton led a protest march of thousands of radical activists through downtown Phoenix to the front of my office demanding my removal from office.

More recently, I publically challenged Sharpton to undergo the police training our officers receive for the real-life incidents they face every day, but Sharpton has refused to take me up on my offer.

It's clear Sharpton has no interest in productive dialogue; only the continuing pattern of radical activism that feeds his left wing agenda.

Al Sharpton can ignore me if he wants, but he can't ignore his enablers at NBC.

Thousands of patriotic Americans have already heeded our call -- but we're still short of our goal of 50,000 signatures. Won't you stand with us now to see this critical target met?

You can make the difference it will take to get Al Sharpton off TV.

Your donation will help gather more signatures and spread this petition far and wide. A $10 contribution can help us generate 225 more petitions to fire Al Sharpton. A $25 contribution can help us deliver 625 more fire Al Sharpton petitions. And a generous gift of $50 can deliver a forceful bundle of 1,225 petitions.

Will you sign your petition and make an urgent gift to get Al Sharpton fired immediately?

Had enough of Al Sharpton espousing his anti-law enforcement message from his shiny studio soapbox? Me too -- so let’s help NBC show Al Sharpton the door -- sign our petition today!

Joe Arpaio
Sheriff, Maricopa County, AZ

P.S. It's time to let the bigwigs at NBC know we're done with Al Sharpton's hateful rants being aired nationwide. Help them see the light -- join the Conservative Action Fund's push to get Al Sharpton off TV. Click here to sign the petition demanding NBC fire Al Sharpton. Thanks, Sheriff Joe Arpaio

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